When was the last time you held a book? Or opened one to check what it was about? Or even read something longer than an Instagram caption?

Books have always been a means of giving information and entertainment since forever, but with the introduction of social media and technology, the reading culture is gradually losing itself.

As entertaining and refreshing as Netflix is, it does not beat the feel of opening a book to enter a world of stories. Nowadays, most authors are making their books into movies in order to get more people to notice their stories. Sometimes the whole movie ordeal works out well, but it does not excuse the fact that reading should be a culture that is supported everywhere.

Books have always been a means of escape for me since I was a little girl. I have always been curious about lots of different cultures and things happening in life, and the only way I could quench that curiosity was through books. Although there were movies and series that could help with this, it didn't give the same satisfaction as reading. Most of the things I know about are things I've gotten from stories that I read. There are people who make the excuse that sitting down for hours to read a book is a tedious chore and they get distracted from continuing, but the truth is that they did not find the book that is captivating enough to grab their attention. Reading books is the same as spending a whole day binge-watching the whole season of a show...except reading is SO much better.

The reading culture is steadily losing its importance in society, when it is something that should be promoted.

Readers are writers and writing is the most common form of communication in this day and age. So how would a person learn to improve their writing if they do not read books? Reading is something that needs to be promoted, especially in little children. Parents NEED to be supporting their children's reading career.

Reading is something that everyone needs to know how to do, but the advancing technology is taking away from the reading culture.

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