9 Reactions You'll Have Post-Hell Week, As Told By 'Friends'

9 Reactions You'll Probably Have Once You're Done With Finals As Told By 'Friends'

If you're still alive by then...


Oh, finals week. You are every college student's worst nightmare.

But, you only last seven days, and like all bad things, you must come to an end.

So while you're binge-watching Netflix after taking 327 finals and writing 2736 papers, here are 9 reactions you'll probably have post-hell week.

1. You did it! 

2. You finally get to tell that awful professor how you really feel. 

It's course evaluation season... every college student's favorite.

3. You can thank your roomies/besties for putting up with you and all your stress this semester. 

4. You know you probably failed that exam, but you also know you can't do anything about it now. 

5. Now what? 

6. You realize you only have 24 hours to pack up your life and move home for the next month and a half. 

7. You can finally take a break! 

8. But, you also have no idea what you're going to do for the next five weeks. 

9. You walk out of your last final like... 

Now, you get to prepare for this to happen all over again... and again... and again.

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