With recent events in light, rape is becoming much more serious amongst the public, however; rape has always been an issue.

The crimes committed by Brock Turner are inexcusable. No woman, no matter what she's wearing, how she's acting, if she says no, she means no. No isn't something that's up for questioning, no is a statement. A statement that men should respect. Even men are raped every day. When did saying no become something others felt they could challenge?

Just because they should doesn't mean they will, but I hope that one day, rape won't be heard of.

Intoxication is never an excuse for rape. Look at it this way, if you're caught drunk driving and you cause an accident, it's still your fault. You're charged for the crimes you're involved in. In those situations, courts don't take your life accomplishments into account, so why should they now?

Judges are supposed to promote justice. Their job is to give the victims the justice they deserve. But now, more and more cases are being pushed to the side because the perpetrator has a good reputation. That's embarrassing to our country. Our justice system has been letting guilty people back out into the world with little to no punishment. And I'm tired, we're all tired.

We're tired of watching people get away with it.

We're tired of worrying every time we leave the house.

We're tired of not feeling safe to go places on our own.

We shouldn't be.

No one should have to feel this way ever. This double standard between men and women regarding who can and can't be raped is unacceptable. Anyone can be raped. But this has to stop. We need to stop the suffering of the victims and get them the justice they deserve.