Rape Culture: Why It Is Not Funny

In recent days people have been talking about GOP Nominee Donald Trump's lewd comments from 2005 in interview he gave. His comments degrade women and that is not acceptable. His comments just show how present in the world rape culture is. Rape culture is everywhere! The statistics for sexual violence are outrageous. Not only are women victims but so are men.

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, "One in five women and one in 71 men will be raped at some point in their lives." This is insane. With everything going on with Donald Trump people are blowing off the fact that these women are victims. This statistic is in the favor of the victim. So many people blow off these types of things when celebrities are involved. Let's take a look at Bill Cosby's case. People started by blowing off his victims and not really believing that he would do something like that. It took a while a to be proven but it was eventually proven and now his life is ruined because he decided to do what he did to those women involved. When people look at Donald Trump though they do not really change their opinions about him. He keeps saying nothing happened but if you look at his actions it is obvious that he does stuff like this. How come his reputation is not being tarnished? Is it because he is a successful, white male? Think about these questions.

Not only is rape culture present in the above situations it is also present on college campuses across America. I am not going to lie. White privilege is a thing, especially in rape culture. Brock Turner is the perfect example of that at a college level. College students across America go out on weekends and that presents a perfect opportunity for someone to become a victim of sexual violence whether that person is male or female it does not matter. It can happen to anyone.

Putting all of these together along with the media it is no wonder why people are not taking rape and sexual violence seriously. It needs to stop. Anyone can fall victim to it. You probably even know someone that has been affected by sexual violence. The next time you hear someone making a joke about sexual violence say something. Stand up for what is right. Yes, I am a white college-aged female but I do not think white privilege should be a thing. Donald Trump and Brock Turner should face the consequences of his actions just like Bill Cosby.

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