There's a reason people don't like their classes. Sometimes the material can seem so boring, but what can you do? It may be a required class, and we have to fight through the bore and the yawns. Often times, however, it's the professor's fault that people are falling asleep 15 minutes into class. They seem to have a way of making the most boring information even more boring.

It happens every semester, I get so excited for all the interesting classes I'm going to be taking only to show up the first day and be lulled to sleep by your monotone voice. It only takes about two weeks for me to lose interest in even going to class at all. Of course, that doesn't work in my favor because you don't post anything online.

Blackboard exists for a reason, it is not the difficult to use it. I understand technology was before your time but I'm not going to call you on the phone because you "don't know how to check your emails." Even better is when I compose the most flawlessly polite email and you respond with a "ok. -Sent from my iPhone" 24 hours later.

No one really cares about this material as much as you do, but maybe we could if you tried to make the class more exciting. By exciting I don't mean making us write eight page essays every week. You do know I have other classes right? Just checking, because I can't devote my entire night to just the homework you've assigned. I don't want to live in the library but you make it virtually impossible to leave by all plotting to schedule tests the same week. Seriously do you all sit together and decide how to make people's lives miserable??

You may understand what you're saying but don't assume that we do too. I wouldn't be taking your class if i knew what you were trying to teach me. If you just start rambling about something and the whole class looks confused, that's a hint to rewind!

This one doesn't even fall on the professors but on the university. Please hire people whose accents are intelligible. Sometimes I can't even understand what my professors are trying to say! I appreciate them trying but it only makes my 8:30 class a lot more miserable.

The worst kind of professor is the one who has an opinion that they feel they must shove down your throat. You're allowed to feel passionately about something, but you do not have to make the rest of us feel the same way. Don't get mad if one of your students has a disputing argument. If you can have your opinion, we can certainly have ours.

Now of course this doesn't apply to every professor. If you're lucky, you'll find one who is good at what they do and make class enjoyable. Hold on to those, they are the special few.