My fellow artists, have you ever had the thought, what is this for?

I'm creating because I can, because I have an idea that I want to bring to life. I'm creating because I want to, because I like to. I want to be remembered by my art, maybe I'll even be outlived by my brain children. I like the compliments, the confirmation of my competence.

The teacher who inspired me ten years ago to invest in my raw writing skills told me, "One day, I'll be in the retirement home, reading the best-selling novel, look at the cover and see your name on it. Then I'll say 'I taught this girl '. You'll be rich and famous."

My dream job is that of working for, if not having my own production studio to adapt my stories into stage productions or maybe into film. I'm a theater buff, so having a story all acted out would be exciting. But I must get real. What is such entertainment but a waste of time and a distraction from reality? What legacy can I create but one that will only pinned up by the Wise Guys as a part of the problem? The critics are everywhere, those who preach their opinions as facts exist.

Art is a powerful form of communication. You can manipulate people's feelings and sometimes, even the way they think. The power of the pen weighs heavily on me when I hear of some book, film or music being bad for the world. It's true, good story tellers can push objectively wrong ideas. I listen to criticism to learn from the mistakes of others. With technical matters, it's easy. Thematically, it can become writing what others want me to write to avoid judgement.

I must develop my skill and have good intentions to not create junk, or so I've been advised.

Even so, what good is my work, a legacy that will be forgotten? What does it matter in eternity? Aren't all things vanity and a chase after the wind? Now I'm getting philosophical.

Have you ever shut down, not knowing what to do with yourself? Have you ever been afraid of judgment or doing the wrong thing with your skills?

Maybe this isn't you. I imagine it to be refreshing to have the confidence not to think so much about how your work will be received. Critics are what all artists have to face, really. Does that mean we give up on ourselves? I'll Have to say no. It's a bad idea to take art away from an artist.