I am almost through my first year of college. I have learned a lot and plan to keep discovering, asking why, and progressing like this for the rest of my life. I am writing better, reading faster, talking more fluently, and thinking harder. It seems I am progressing in a lot of things that in high school were rendered stagnant. Things are going well; however, underneath all of this one thing continues to perpetuate its way throughout my consciousness and into my thoughts and speech. The harsh reality that despite a few moral absolutes, there are no answers to the problems we face, and there is no exact stance that is more correct than the others.

Sounds easy to accept on paper. After all, the idea that no one has a better idea, lifestyle, or culture seems pretty mature right? People are brought up differently and everyone has their own ideas of success and how they should live, but it is a little more complicated than that. This thought, which I believe to be true, implies that we abandon all hope because we will never reach the point of perfection and there is no time in human history past, present, future that every individual will be satisfied. It also eludes to the possibility that these problems will only escalate as ideas evolve, change, and become more grounded in their roots. It seems that all the problems we face are going to get worse and we will never really solve race conflict, governmental opinions, or what should be done about the needy. There are so many variables involved that it is impossible to tell what takes precedent, and this all proves to me that there is no answer.

The only answer I have is that we all have to stop being so steadfast and stubborn with our beliefs because believe it or not, there is the possibility that you are wrong. If we would all just accept that what works best for us, isn’t what works best for another. Therefore, we should stop acting like our way of life is the pinnacle because it doesn’t exist. This would allow us to accept others better, even the most stubborn, because we would put ourselves in their shoes and see the reasoning behind their choices. Consensus may be achieved if we were to do this however this comes with another side effect.

Even worse, I can’t fight the feeling that even if we did solve all those issue then humanity would stagnate, everyone would be the same, and creativity and advancement would cease. The moment humans become content is the moment they turn complacent and do nothing to improve. Therefore, people like me who thrive of off improvement will feel restricted and oppressed by a system designed not to do it.

I don’t have the answers; however it is extremely frustrating because on one hand. I want to be right, and on the other, I know there is no right answer. I want to solve cancer and fix all of the issues that we have as a species. However, the moment a choice is made is the moment someone else’s idea and someone else is alienated. It hurts my head, frustrates me, and makes me feel something which I cannot stand, conflicted.