Ranking of all of Lorelai's Relationships
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Ranking of all of Lorelai's Relationships

Luke and Lorelai are not the best just because of alliteration.

Ranking of all of Lorelai's Relationships
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About a week ago, I was listening to Gilmore Guys and they had a guest (I don't recall her name at the moment); and for the past eight years, she has been watching one Gilmore Girls episode a day. Isn't that the most ingenious thing you have ever heard? I decided to take that task on. I can surpass her eight years. I mean, six days in and I'm going strong. Watching an episode a day of Gilmore Girls really gets me pondering the deep meaningful questions like is there such thing as one truth and who is Lorelai's worst boyfriend? This is when I decided to tackle a slightly easier than what might be expected ranking of Lorelai's relationships from best to worst.

1. Luke Danes

No question about it. Just read the GIF!! Luke is obviously the perfect chose for Lorelai; he understands her. Love love love him.

2. Rune

Okay, I almost put him above Luke. I know that they don't date, per se. But Rune is one of the greatest characters ever written. He may be rude, high-tempered, and a hater of tall people, but no one can compare. Just read this and you will be hooked (if, for some ungodly reason, you didn't already).

"I’ve been very patient Jackson. Sunday night’s almost over, I wanna go bowling."

3. Peyton Sanders

Friends, before you yell at me for putting another guest star right away. But there is no way one of Lorelai's actual boyfriends could come next. It is just not logical. Peyton may have been only in one episode, but he made a lifelong impact. His love for wine and cars is comical and he's also rich which is a huge plus. Lorelai should've stuck it out for the Bowie concert, merely to catch another glimpse of him.

4. Max Medina

I'm not a huge fan of this fella, but I also don't despise him completely. He at least keeps up with Lorelai and Rory's banter better than some (Jason, for instance). Max is a dec, or so, guy to pass the time. But there is no why this relationship would last because of Luke existing!!

5. Paul

Lorelai's dabble in casual dating. A little shady that he showed up with his parents at Luke's like a day after their date, but you know, he gave us a few laughs and the burrito bit will live on.

6. Alex Lesman

I wouldn't call him one of her boyfriends, but they go out on a few dates, somehow I always--I mean ALWAYS forget about him. No matter how many times I rewatch the show I don't recall his existence. He's pretty much irrelevant. Although, thinking of him does always prompts me to make a long list of coffee shop name ideas.

7. Digger (Jason) Stiles

I literally loathe this man. He has no likable or desirable qualities. I was extremely disconcerted while listening to Gilmore Guys and both Demi and Kevin said that they LIKED Digger. How is that possible? Tell me, please. He is the most odious man alive.

8. Christopher Hayden

I would be disappointed if I needed to explain myself, however. I still will, briefly. Christopher was never there and that counts. He is an awful human being, boyfriend, husband, and, of course, father. However, I will refrain from ranting further about his poor parenting skills because this is about his and Lorelai's relationship. He never understands Lorelai and what she needs and wants in life. He blames he after he leaves her for Sherry when she is pregnant. Explain that to me, please. Actually, don't because the only good thing they did in the revival was have Rory tear him down. I mean she killed it! Lorelai deserves the world and he is a crumb that they swept under the stove.

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