17 Random Things Gen Z Would Rather Do Than Focus On Trending, Current Events, Shown By Instagram Polls

17 Random Things Gen Z Would Rather Do Than Focus On Trending, Current Events, Shown By Instagram Polls

Some Instagram polls are just more important and insightful than others. The numbers say it all.

Having an Instagram is quite the adventure when there are new features added on basically every day, but one of my favorite parts of the platform is using polls in stories. It's gotten to the point where I can't add to my story without including a poll, so I couldn't refuse when someone offered me the idea to write an article based on some "would you rather" poll results. Some of the questions were about what Gen Z would rather do than focus on certain current events, and others took a certain event and gave options on how to approach it. I have to say that I am truly surprised at these results, but it's nothing short of interesting to analyze them.

1. Talk about Kylie Jenner's baby or take a test in every class on the same day?

94 percent for talking about the baby // 6 percent for taking tests

2. Watch Logan Paul's videos or eat a can of worms?

53 percent for watching his channel // 47 percent for the worms

I really didn't know what to expect for this one because I'd heard people complain about him for so long but didn't know if they'd go through with their animosity. Turns out a can of worms isn't as appetizing as people would say it is in this situation.

3. Light the Olympic torch or be an Olympian?

47 percent for the torch // 53 percent for being an Olympian

4. Have Trump or Pence as president?

76 percent for Trump // 24 percent for Pence

5. Be on "American Idol" or be called an "idiot sandwich" by Gordon Ramsay?

4 percent for "American Idol" // 96 percent for idiot sandwich

Accused of racism, "American Idol" has a pretty bad reputation for just a singing competition. On the other hand, Gordon Ramsay has the power to destroy you with his creative insults, especially his infamous "idiot sandwich" comment.

6. Stop California's forest fires or calm California's earthquakes?

85 percent for stopping fires // 15 percent for calming earthquakes

7. March in the 2017 Women's March or have everyone contact your representative about gender equality?

54 percent for marching // 46 percent for contact a representative

I'd personally say contacting the representative would be better, but this poll actually had a fierce battle going on. The percentage kept hitting 50/50, and I was worried about the results staying like that because I really wanted to see what the majority of people would prefer to do.

8. Discover substances that lack CFCs or not worry about it because global warming doesn't exist?

90 percent for less CFCs // 10 percent for not worrying about it

9. Have all social media with the Instagram algorithm or the Snapchat update?

92 percent for the Instagram algorithm // 8 percent for the Snapchat update

I really wish Instagram feeds would go back to just being in chronological order. Life would be so much easier.

10. Talk about gun control or visit your least favorite relative?

100 percent for gun control discussion // 0 percent for visiting relative

I'm really, really proud of the response here. Gun control is a huge issue that deserves attention, and the recent shooting in Florida has been another example of what happens when we choose to keep our gun laws this way.

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11. Watch "Black Panther" or drink an egg smoothie?

93 percent for "Black Panther" // 7 percent for egg smoothie

12. Read about the Trump Russia case or scream in the middle of a crowded hallway?

43 percent for the Trump case // 57 percent for screaming

13. Watch "Altered Carbon" and "Black Mirror" or watching Olympic curling and not know what's going on?

88 percent for Netflix sci-fi shows // 12 percent for confused curling

And if you haven't watched "Black Mirror" yet, I do take huge offense to that. Start watching now before it's too late.

14. Plant trees to combat fast-paced urbanization or be the most-hated but richest celebrity in the world?

92 percent for planting trees // 8 percent for being a celebrity

15. Help end world hunger by flying to an impoverished country or play Spotify ads on loop for a whole day?

92 percent for helping end world hunger // 8 percent for playing Spotify ads

To whomever chose the Spotify ads: I hope you accidentally pressed the wrong choice.

16. Destroy the idea of skin bleaching to look beautiful or take AP World History every year for the rest of your education-related life?

96 percent for destroying the idea // 4 percent for AP World History

I wrote an article about going against brands like Fair and Lovely a few months ago. Skin bleaching is actually a bigger problem than you think, even if it doesn't directly affect you.

17. Watch a Super Blue Blood Moon again or watch a solar eclipse again?

45 percent for Super Blue Blood Moon // 55 percent for Solar Eclipse

This is a picture I got of the great American solar eclipse in August 2017, and I'll never forget how breathtaking it was. I also got to see the Super Blue Blood Moon a few weeks ago, but it honestly wasn't anything close to the spectacle of the eclipse.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash / John Schnobrich

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Poetry On Odyssey: Lately

I've been dreaming.


Lately, I've been dreaming,

of a place where the sun shines

and there's always a refreshing breeze

to ease the heat and make you close your eyes

to welcome the playful wind.

Where fields of poppies and sunflowers dance,

a happy army of color

to brighten even the grayest day

and make your lips curl into a smile.

Lately, I've been dreaming,

of a perfect world where

someday and soon are real measures of time

that are actually realistic.

A planet that grants wishes,

like candles being blown out on a birthday cake,

stars shooting across the sky

twinkling with possibility and promise.

Where a dandelion isn't just a weed,

but a gift that recognizes the heart's true desires

and magically sends them to the divine universe

to put in motion a plan to enlighten those yearnings.

Lately, I've been dreaming,

of a place that has time machines,

that allows the impossible,

like the opportunity for a second chance,

or a chance to relive moments you wish you could bottle up

and replay over again

with all the delightful sights and sounds and feelings

there to appreciate once more.

Lately, I've been dreaming,

of a world that celebrates adversity

and encourages the underdog,

that is so often dealt an unfair hand,

to rise above and conquer fears,

to grow stronger with the support of a community

and find peace in a place where pain once was.

Lately, I've been dreaming,

of a time where we don't have to

say goodbyes to the people we could

never live without

or worry about the time on a clock face.

Lately, I've been dreaming

of a beautiful world

where you can just be free.

And that is enough.

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