12 Random But Totally Valid Things College Kids Are Thankful For

12 Random But Totally Valid Things College Kids Are Thankful For

Shoutout to the adorable pup in my political science class.


Thanksgiving is a time where people young and old, sit down and think about what they are really thankful for. Every year, what I'm thankful for centers around my family, my friends, and a wonderful life.

Since I've been in college however, I've noticed that there are plenty of random, but incredibly valid things that we become thankful for around Thanksgiving.

1. The service dog in your MWF classes.


Even though I can't pet him, just seeing his smiling face makes me so happy.

2. That cute guy/girl who sits next to you.

You probably don't even know their name, but you can't help but swoon when they ask you how your day is going, or how you did on that last test.

3. That cool professor who teaches your 8 am.

8 am classes are the worst, but shoutout to that goofy professor who makes getting up at the crack of dawn (almost) worth it.

4. Deals on food.

Half-off pizookie days, $3 appetizers, buy one get one free sandwiches... need I go on?

5. Decent kickoff times for football games.

Preferably 6:00, but 2 pm kickoffs are bearable.

6. Finding the perfect study spot.

Bonus points if you have a rockin' playlist to get through your study guides.

7. Pre-made Quizlets.

Nothing gets me more excited then trying to make a Quizlet for a test, only to find out someone ALREADY made one with the terms I need.

8. Going home for longer than 2 days.

Thanksgiving break in college comes at the best time of the year

9. Finally getting to talk to your mom.

Calls, texts, and Facetimes just don't compare to finally getting to sit down with your mom face to face.

10. Hugs from your dad.

Thank goodness there are only 2 more weeks until winter break.

11. Family time.

Even with all of the "how's school?", "do you have a boyfriend yet?", and "what do you wanna do with your life?" questions, having the whole family together again is the best.


Thanksgiving leftovers mean mom's cooking, free food, and a much-needed break from dining hall food and cooking!!

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