Everyone has some sort of weird food addiction that they absolutely cannot live without. Whether that would be a particular combination of two unlikely foods or just an obsession with a particular food group itself. I put ketchup on two pieces of bread and eat it as a sandwich!! I get a lot of weird looks with that one! However, my weird food addiction is just another one to add to the pile of other food addictions. Besides my love for ketchup, I also have a taste for ranch dressing (minus the salad part). It turns out that I am not alone in this addiction!

Many people have different combinations that they love with their ranch dressing, and many of them sound absolutely gross but they actually turn out to be delicious! In high school, some of us would mix our ketchup and ranch together to make a sauce. However, if you are one of those people that likes to keep things separated on their plate (like me) then you just double dip into each sauce. For all of you ranch lovers out there, I decided to put together combinations of different foods with ranch for you to all indulge and find that new favorite food combination!

1. Ranch and French Fries

A great and classic combination!

2. Ranch and Pizza

I used to do this all the time on my pizza in high school because the pizza itself wasn't that great so I added something to make it taste better. However, many people do this to their pizza no matter what!

3. Ranch and Hot Wings

Another classic! You can't go wrong with ranch and hot wings!

4. Ranch with Spaghetti

This is one that I haven't tried myself, but many people swear by this on how good it is!

5. Ranch on a HotDog

Eh, I am NOT so sure about this one, but, if you really love ranch and you really love hotdogs well you might as well try them together.

6. Let's Be Honest . . . Ranch On Almost Any Type Of Meat

From chicken strips, meatballs, hamburgers, and any other sort of meat dishes, ranch is a great add on!

7. Ranch On A Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

Again, this is another combination that I am NOT sure about! I love a good classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and I love ranch, but I don't think that I would personally mess with the glorious combination of peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich.

8. Ranch and Pickles

A great bar appetizer, and even better for those pickle lovers!

9. Ranch and Veggies

Just on the healthier side of life, a veggie plate is bound to be at most parties. Without the ranch, how could you eat cold vegetables??

10. Ranch and Avocado

This turns out to actually be a great way to zest up your ranch dressing!

11. Ranch With Cheese Curds

Once again, another great appetizer that is even better with ranch!

12. Ranch And Skittles

Um, I think this would only go for very few people... very few.

13. Ranch With Cauliflower

I LOVE cauliflower, either raw or fried, and ranch adds to this great food item!

14. Ranch With Corn

I am from the Cornhusker state, and I have never tried this! Definitely next on my mind to try!

15. Last But Most Expected . . . Ranch On Salad

Of course, I had to end with the most predictable of all... the salad. The only way that I can eat a salad is if it is drenched in a dressing (preferable ranch).

I definitely plan on trying some of these different combinations, because that is what eating is all about! There are so many unique flavor combinations and we have our whole life to find our favorites!