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Change Your Diet To Raise Your Vibration

Raise your vibration with these adjustments to your diet.

Change Your Diet To Raise Your Vibration
McCall Donoho

To preface:

Vibrational frequency is defined as the rate that atoms and sub-particles vibrate. Everything that we know as matter is constantly vibrating at a certain frequency; such that some things have high frequencies and others have low frequencies. The higher a vibrational frequency is, the closer it is to the frequency of light. With this being said, literally everything has a vibrational frequency -- your phone, your laptop, your bed frame, your individual organs, your emotions, etc. The human brain vibrates at about 72-90 MHz, the human body vibrates around 62-78 MHz, disease in the human body begins at 58 MHz (cold and flu specifically at 57-60 MHz, the human body is receptive to cancer at 42 MHz, and death of the human body begins at 25 MHz. Shame has a frequency of 20 MHz, while anger has a frequency of 150 MHz. Beyond that, love vibrates at 500 MHz and joy at 540 MHz.

So to answer the question of 'why should I want to raise my vibration': lower vibrations are connected to death, illness, and ill emotions, whereas higher vibrations are connected to good health and positivity.

Just as I said before, everything has a vibration. Even food! Understandably, what we put into our bodies is what inevitably constitutes our bodies. If you are continuously pumping your body with low-frequency food, it will be hard for your body to have a high vibration.

1. Avoid the "process"

Or, to be more clear, processed foods! Processed and canned foods have such minimal frequencies that they are often recorded at 0 MHz -- that's lower than death!

2. Fresh is  *B E S T*

Most fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs vibrate at a frequency of 20-27 MHz. However, living greens, such as broccoli or wheatgrass, vibrate up to 65-75 MHz.

3. Green isn't so mean

Sorry, I had to continue the rhyming ... BUT to reiterate the last point, green vegetables have a very high vibration. Green cold-pressed juice can have a frequency of 170 MHz.

4. Dried is still a good option

Dried foods, such as dried fruits or herbs, have a frequency of 15-22 Hz.

5. The essentials really are essential

The frequency of essential oils ranges from 52 Hz to 320 Hz; essential to raising your vibration.

6. Go nuts for nuts

Nuts have a very high vibration. For example, raw almonds vibrate at 50 MHz.

7. Meat ...Maybe this is why all those vegans are talking about veganism so much ...

Meat has a frequency of 2 MHz, MAY I POINT OUT THAT THIS IS LOWER THAN DEATH. Also, any animal products such as yogurt, milk, or butter have a frequency of about 5 MHz. I think now would be a good time to suggest a vegan diet and attach the link to my article about veganism :-) https://www.theodysseyonline.com/reasons-for-vegan

P.S. If you're wondering about the picture, I didn't have a picture of meat or any meat at my apartment to photograph ... So! I decided to share this photo of my Oggie Dog and I when he was just a little squirt -- I would also like to point out that most people reading this article would never, I mean NEVER, consider eating a dog. However, which animals a society eats is simply based on culture and societal upbringing. Seeing that all animals are that, animals -- I don't see how eating a cow or lamb or deer is much different than snacking on my Oggie. And please don't try to do that, you will see me become MAMA BEAR. Something to think about!

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