This past week it, unfortunately, rained Monday through Wednesday and for a college student that happens to be a nightmare. Having to walk across campus in the pouring rain and sometimes an umbrella is not enough to keep you dry. These days never fail to be a horrible day and sometimes we wonder if it will ever stop as the day just drags on. I present to you, rainy days in college as told by New Girl.

1. Waking up and looking outside to see it is pouring...

The worse is when it was just sprinkling when you are getting ready and once you actually have to start walking to class is just starts down pouring.

2. Walking across campus and still getting wet even though you have a rain coat and umbrella...

Do not expect to stay completely dry while walking to classes because it is highly unlikely.

3. When it not only rains but its super windy and your umbrella turns inside out.

I can not think of anything more annoying than this. Not even an umbrella is helpful and to the people who laugh...thank you because I will be there to laugh at you next time as well.

4. Somehow making it to class untouched by the rain

Wow, what an accomplishment. Let's just hope that things stay on the positive side.

5. OR show up to class soaked

Could today get any worse? Do I even want to know the mess I have become? It is best to stay away from the mirror for the day.

6. When the rain still has not stopped even for a minute

Is it possible to get a break or must I suffer all day? Soon beginning to wish for a better day or even a better place because the gloomy and rainy day has just become too much to handle.

7. When you see someone walking to class without an umbrella or a rain coat

Sometimes I am unsure if they have an umbrella and just choose not to use it but I feel like that would be a poor decision. I feel for these people who have to sit in class soaked...

8. Finally getting back to the dorm room but realizing you have to go back out again

Forgetting that you have a meeting or another class or maybe it is dinner time. By the time it is this late in the day you contemplate if it is even worth it to make another trip across campus.

9. At the end of the day, you are completely over the rain

You refuse to go outside anymore and rather lay in bed contemplating life while eating comfort food. What a rough day it was...

10. You go to bed praying that it will not rain tomorrow and when you wake up to see the sunshine you celebrate!

You celebrate because today will be a better day than yesterday!

Rainy days in college are dreadful. These days are made for Netflix and sleeping but in college we must be adults and go to classes. We cannot afford to miss them all the time. We just have to pray that the rainy day will only last one day and not half of the week. Then again it is April, so stay dry college kids.