Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

The colorful background of an unusual tree.

These trees have a potent smell and an even more distinct look to them. The actual tree itself is colored like a rainbow. And no, they have not been painted, just see for yourself.

The Rainbow Eucalyptus tree is indigenous to the northern hemisphere in Asia. The tropical forests in which they live, receive a great deal of rainfall throughout the year make it possible for them to thrive. In their natural environment, the eucalyptus tree can climb up to 250 feet and nearly six to eight feet in diameter.

Even though these trees are in Asia, some can also be found in the United Sates as well. Places where the climate is warmer, such as Hawaii and Texas, allow the tree to live substantially. However, the trees growing in the United States only reach heights of 100 to 125 feet.

The bark reveals its true colors after the bark from the previous season peels off. The peeling of the bark leaves the tree with colors such as reds and oranges to blue and grays. However, if the tree grows outside of its natural habitat which are the Philippines, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, the colors are usually not as intense and vibrant.

The tree will also produce white flowers and wide leaves. Even though the leaves can be crushed up to make eucalyptus oil, they do not produce as much as the other eucalyptus species. Instead, they are used in the Philippines for making paper.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia

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What I Learned From My Chinchilla

It's not the time that matters in life

Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for so many people and appreciative of so many places...but right now I'm sharing my love for animals and critters!

To each and every animal out there, especially the ones in my life, here's to you my sweet pets!

I'm lucky enough to have a pet to call my own. My younger sister and I have shared our chinchilla, Spot, since around my fourth-grade year. Saying this out loud sounds like ages ago!

Our love for Spot has never wavered. We also own two dogs, but they're quite different from a rodent. From owning and loving pets, we've both learned so much.

I wanted to share five amazing lessons I've learned from Spot over the years!

1. Fight for what you want

When you want something in life, it is important to work hard to get it. At first, my parents were hesitant about the chinchilla. Although, we persisted and kept going with it. It ended up working that time. Some things are not meant for you at certain times. However, it is necessary to do everything you can to ensure that it is truly meant to be that way. What's meant for you will always be yours. Nothing good gets away.

2. It's important to be loyal.

Loyalty is something that I have struggled with in life. I care about people. I do my best to show support for my family and friends. But, I often find myself moving on from some things. What I once loved will always have a place in my heart. My chinchilla has spent time with another house, but he made it back to our home.

3. Be patient

Times get busy for everyone. My chinchilla has to adjust to different schedules often. I am home sometimes. But, I also spend a lot of time at school. So, I am thankful that my chinchilla never makes noisy complaints. He is very calm and gentle. Likewise, I am patient with him when he wants to play or get cleaned.

4. Appreciate every day

As I previously mentioned, my chinchilla has been with us for over ten years. Even though we spent a lot of time together, I still try to enjoy every day. We never know what happens in life. Regardless of what goes on, I make sure to show my appreciation.

5. It's not the time

Life just continues to move on no matter what. My chinchilla is just an animal. But, the same aspect can be applied to anyone. It does not matter how long your life lasts. It's not the time that matters in it. It's more about what happens and how you act in it. Be a good person, but don't waste your time proving it.

Life is about being loyal and enjoying the moments. I learned that because of my chinchilla. My sister and I bond with him and we are thankful for every memory.

Cover Image Credit: Animals Town

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18 Things That Are Better With Corgis

Warning: cuteness overload.

I think we can all agree that corgis are the *cutest* dogs to ever roam the earth. Corgis enhance the quality of life by 100%. Corgis, naturally, make everything cuter. From beach trips, to cooking dinner, corgis can do it all. Here are just a few everyday things that are better with these furry friends.

1. The Beach

2. Cuddling

3. Swimming

4. The Queen

5. Donut holes

6. Stairs

7. Hot Dogs

8. Black Tie Events

9. Competition

10. The Avengers

11. Kids

12. Rainbows

13. Lions

14. Cooking

15. Milestones

16. Christmas

17. More Corgis

18. Yoga

Cover Image Credit: https://goo.gl/images/Y3P7is

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