So I just saw Rachel Hollis's film Made For More last week in the theaters. It was really inspiring to hear more of her story and to know that I am not alone in thinking the thoughts that I have on a daily basis. I think that the movie showed that it is okay for us woman to be imperfect and to feel like crap at times.

One of the things she did in the movie that made me reflect on my life is one of the activities she did with her audience at her conference in the film. In short, she had the woman in the audience check off some boxes on a sheet of paper without writing their name, each box had a statement that went along with it, some being more personal.

When the audience was done with checking off the boxes, they soon found out that they would be passing their papers around the room. So by the end of the activity, each woman had someones different sheet of paper. It was a neat thing to watch because when Rachel told them to stand up for their sister when their sheet had a check mark, they did so. There is just something powerful about that, it really stuck with me throughout the film.

Rachel is unique in that she is not afraid to really speak her mind. I think she gave the title of the film "Made For More" because she knows that despite all the highs and lows that we as woman are made for more. There is more to our story than what we actually know and it is okay to fail because it shows that we are growing and learning from our failures.

I have also learned from the film that I should not be comparing myself to someone else's journey and goals. In the world of social media these days, it is hard to feel that I am not enough and that I don't do enough. I just have realized that this just isn't true and I need to remind myself of all of the things that I do on a daily basis. This film and part of Rachel's book brought that out in me and I am so grateful that I got to experience the film last week with my mom. Rachel if you are reading this, thank you for everything!