Robert Kelly or better known by the name of R. Kelly is a singer/rapper of the 2000s. If we want to be technical he had been a huge influence to R&B during the '90s and us babies heard plenty of his songs during the 2000s. I mean, who couldn't forget about his opera style series titled "Trapped in the Closet".

Let's just say his career has been great but it's also coming along with the bad. In the early millennium, he had been caught making a sex tape with a girl who was fourteen at the time. If that isn't bad enough, he had married singer Aaliyah when she was fifteen (They lied and said she was 18) and he was twenty-seven. The marriage was short-lived but his reputation was going to change.

The Lifetime Network had aired a series titled "Surviving R. Kelly" which brings women to light. The scandalous part about it, however, is his treatment to women, mostly to young girls. It isn't a surprise that he is clearly a pedophile considering that he made a sex tape with a girl who was old enough to be his daughter when he was pushing thirty.
The women who spoke were women, really young girls when they met him, his former friends and his ex-wife.

Enter #MuteRKelly. This is a movement in order to silence his music so that no one ever has to face him again. How about we talk about the women he has hostage in different places? His so called girlfriends are being physically, mentally and sexually abused just like all the others before them. He forces them to cut off their hair, they must lower their head when a man enters the room, they dress like a boy. The list goes so far as to asking him when they can eat, shower and even use the bathroom.

It makes perfect sense though, go back and listen to a few of his songs. One of his early hits called 'Bump and Grind' is very suspicious. The video alone shows an audience full of girls and I mean girls, not women. They all look like they should be in middle or high school and he was still in his late twenties. R. Kelly hung around high schools to find girls, he scouted the mall to find young women. The beginning lyrics go, "My mind is telling me no, but my body is telling me yes". You should have listened to your mind to begin with.

The doucseries exposing him and I personally was at shock and disgust. Trust me, when Ignition comes on I always jam out but now I'm really starting to question it. Let's put it this way, people have even begun spinning his lyrics into something that fits this situation and it gets extremely strange.

R. Kelly should pay for what he's doing. He should pay for marrying Aaliyah at a young age. He should pay for making a sex tape with a female who was still a virgin at the time. He should pay for Andrea Kelly and locking her up during their marriage. The names go on, there is at least twenty women who have been affected and I'm sure a lot more. This series should be an eye opener for people. For now, all we can do is #MuteRKelly because should be coming to him soon.