Quit Being Rude To Holiday Retail Workers

Quit Being Rude To Holiday Retail Workers

It's beginning to look a lot like LITERAL HELL.

Retail has always been the absolute worst job to occupy, but working in retail reaches its peak during the holiday season. Customers are never brattier or more rude than they are during Black Friday, and though Christmas is supposed to be a time to be kind and generous towards your fellow man, retail workers don't really count as people. Feel free to be as horrible as humanly possible to the people at the register, it's not as though they're in the midst of a 12-hour shift when they should be with their family and friends instead.

People are always shocked to hear that we work on Christmas and on New Years, as though they expected robots to be wrapping their last minute gift purchases. Yes, we're open and I'll be here because you neglected to buy this book for your nephew and you now have to do it the day before. Our schedules for the holidays are beyond anything you can imagine. If you think you're the unfortunate one because you've been dragged out to Macy's in the snow and slush, just think about the fact that the Macy's worker helping you pick out your perfume has been there since seven in the morning, for three days straight.

Treat this Macy's worker in accordance with that, a.k.a human decency. The lines are long because you're an idiot and decided to shop in the middle of Manhattan during the holidays and screaming at the cashiers isn't going to change that. They ran out of your size because you couldn't be arsed to drag yourself out of the house three days ago when you were supposed to and complaining about it to the lady checking stock for you isn't going to make the size magically appear. Retail workers spend hours upon hours in high-stress situations on aching feet, and coming in with the audacity to scream at the people trying to help you makes you a complete and utter piece of trash.

Your trashiness level is only increased when you expect that we smile in response to your indecency. We've been listening to the same Christmas music for the past three months now. We've been screamed at twice in the past hour for no reason. If you have the guts to complain that I'm not being friendly enough, I sincerely hope you slip on that puddle near the door I haven't had the chance to mop up yet. I'll let you in on a retail secret: if you're friendly to me, no matter how tired I am... I'll be friendly to you. Shocker.

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the harm you are causing by Reselling Thrift Store Clothes

It's harmful and selfish.


I recently noticed people from my hometown making Instagram accounts in which they buy clothes from thrift stores, and sell it to their Instagram followers for a profit. It seems smart for these people because it is a very easy way to make money. However, this is harmful to people who regularly shop at thrift stores.

Before I begin, I am NOT against wealthy people shopping at thrift stores. Thrift stores are environmentally friendly and it is a very sustainable way to shop and save some money. I am not poor or struggling, but I do enjoy finding a good bargain on things I know I can find in a thrift store. Some may view my behavior as harmful, but there is much more harmful activity going on.

When privileged teenage girls go into thrift stores regularly buying tons of things, just to resell to their followers, they clear out so many things that people who actually need to rely on thrift stores may need or want. Not only are they taking clothes from the needy, they are increasing the sales at the thrift stores and because of the sales increase, thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other larger chain stores have begun increasing their prices. Some thrift store prices have even reached ridiculous amounts of money like $14 for jeans.

I made an Instagram account called @kendallsxcloset and formatted it to look like I am going to sell clothes on there, and immediately the followers started rolling in. There are hundreds of accounts on Instagram, Poshmark, and Depop of hip trendy girls reselling clothes they bought at the thrift store for sometimes an insane profit.

I cannot speak from the point of view of a poor person and won't pretend I can, but I do know that for poor people, every dollar makes a difference. When people started having to spend an extra few bucks on clothing, they begin to have less and less money for food and bills and the wealth gap will only continue to increase.

Reselling thrift store clothes seems like such a fun idea to make money very easily, but this is harmful to so many people. Put yourself into their shoes and please stop profiting off of thrift stores and use your privilege to speak out against this.

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An Introvert's guide to Starkville, Mississippi

How to avoid people and still have all of the quirk and charm of Mississippi's College Town, without all the hassle.


Let's be real with each other, okay? Starkville is a town of quirky, hole in the wall shops and restaurants that can sometimes feel like a minefield of awkward social interaction if you have yet to be shown the ropes.

1. Shopping

When you are a student, it's rare to have enough room in your budget to do much anything else than watch Netflix and go to class, but on the rare occasion there are a few shops like Deep South Pout, The Lodge, Book Mart and Cafe, Aspen Bay, and Giggleswick that let you do your own casual thing.

Often times I just go to these stores to walk around, look, and just get my "human interaction" for the day. The shop workers tend to not bother you or ask too many questions, which is nice. And on the occasion that you have to leave your dorm or apartment to go get groceries, Neighborhood Market down 12 is much better and less frequent than the "big Walmart" near 25.

2. The Cotton District

Bin 612- Personally, I love a good mid-day chill here. Nothing is better than hanging out with your friends on the patio sharing a few orders of cheese fries and talking about life. What I wish I had been told earlier: The truffle cheese fries or the Buffalo Chicken cheese fries are the best and the patio is the most empty around 5 pm.

The Klaas Room- This place is good to go if you're looking to have a nice time for cheap. Me and two friends go there around six or seven pm, order a large Walk of Shame Pizza (ranch and buffalo chicken) and a mimosa tower (three liters of vodka, champagne, and orange juice) and the whole thing ends up totaling around $45 before tip. You can leave full, a little drunk, and happy for less than $20. There's also a sweet dog that comes there, her name is Luna and shes the best girl. 10/10 loves to be petted.

City Bagel- City Bagel is a great and somewhat hidden gem. My favorite part about this joint is that the owner is super nice, and sometimes even works the counter on Sunday mornings. The menu-board walks you through how to order, step by step, but it is hard to get something that's bad. The coffee is spectacular and the Italian Nights are even better. Bonus points for having the WiFi written out near the register so you don't have to have that super awkward conversation.

3. Activities

Jilly Beams Pail of Paint- This is a super cute pottery painting place near The Lodge. The staff there is very kind and helpful, but for sure will leave you alone if you look like you are keeping to yourself and not like actively on fire. Plus, you get a fun mug and some memories out of the experience.

The Refuge- To me, The Refuge is the ultimate spot for a unplug and unwind. There are a ton of walking trails, places to fish, and places to hang your hammock to just relax. I like to drive out there, sit on the edge of one of the long piers/boardwalks, turn on some music, and just reflect on things. It's also an amazing place to study for finals or dive into God's Word.

Starkville Community Market- Now, I know that this is just because I'm hopeless when it comes to living out my dreams of being that girl who reads a lot of books, goes to farmers markets and drinks enough water (LOL), but the Starkville Community Market is actually so precious. Imagine if a crafts fair and a farmers market had a baby. Then showed off that baby on Saturday mornings and Tuesday nights (helloooooo twinkly lights). It is the perfect place to walk around, get exposed to local businesses, and buy fresh produce that isn't from the side of the road.

Cotton District Arts Festival- Usually held on Super Bulldog Weekend, The CDAF is when the entire cotton district shuts down, from the bridge to Stromboli's to host a craft fair. Local artisans, painters, and businesses come out to really give a taste of Stark. Daves Dark Horse even brings their own portable wood-fired pizza oven. Even though there are major crowds, it is worth it. (like YES pet parade) There are also amazing deals to be gotten, I got six hand pressed bath bombs with natural essential oils for like $25! And they were HUGE.

4. Fancy Resturants

Veranda- This is my absolute favorite place to go in Starkville. The wait staff is almost invisible, but somehow your glass never goes empty. I like to go on a Monday night when I don't have to get dressed up but I can still feel like I fit in. The Cajun Tenders are to DIE FOR, and so is the gorgonzola salad, blackberry margarita, and the creme brulee.

Harvey's- This is like the quintessential date night spot. At first, I was really intimidated by the atmosphere and the fact that it was the only place in town Megan Mullen knew when her husband got the head coaching job, but on a Tuesday night, I got dragged in by my sister and her boyfriend and thank goodness I did. Somehow my shorts and t-shirt didn't feel so out of place. My personal recommendation is the Pimms Cup (21+) and the cajun chicken pasta. SO GOOD. And bonus points for having the table lights be made out of cowbells.

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Shelbie Britt


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