Quit Being Rude To Holiday Retail Workers

Quit Being Rude To Holiday Retail Workers

It's beginning to look a lot like LITERAL HELL.

Retail has always been the absolute worst job to occupy, but working in retail reaches its peak during the holiday season. Customers are never brattier or more rude than they are during Black Friday, and though Christmas is supposed to be a time to be kind and generous towards your fellow man, retail workers don't really count as people. Feel free to be as horrible as humanly possible to the people at the register, it's not as though they're in the midst of a 12-hour shift when they should be with their family and friends instead.

People are always shocked to hear that we work on Christmas and on New Years, as though they expected robots to be wrapping their last minute gift purchases. Yes, we're open and I'll be here because you neglected to buy this book for your nephew and you now have to do it the day before. Our schedules for the holidays are beyond anything you can imagine. If you think you're the unfortunate one because you've been dragged out to Macy's in the snow and slush, just think about the fact that the Macy's worker helping you pick out your perfume has been there since seven in the morning, for three days straight.

Treat this Macy's worker in accordance with that, a.k.a human decency. The lines are long because you're an idiot and decided to shop in the middle of Manhattan during the holidays and screaming at the cashiers isn't going to change that. They ran out of your size because you couldn't be arsed to drag yourself out of the house three days ago when you were supposed to and complaining about it to the lady checking stock for you isn't going to make the size magically appear. Retail workers spend hours upon hours in high-stress situations on aching feet, and coming in with the audacity to scream at the people trying to help you makes you a complete and utter piece of trash.

Your trashiness level is only increased when you expect that we smile in response to your indecency. We've been listening to the same Christmas music for the past three months now. We've been screamed at twice in the past hour for no reason. If you have the guts to complain that I'm not being friendly enough, I sincerely hope you slip on that puddle near the door I haven't had the chance to mop up yet. I'll let you in on a retail secret: if you're friendly to me, no matter how tired I am... I'll be friendly to you. Shocker.

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9 Things I've Learned From Working At Levis

Let's talk about #LiveInLevis

A lot of us have been through working in retail and we can all relate to the struggles we encounter every day. I personally have worked in retail going on five years now (RIP me) and have been working at Levis for about two years.

I'm going to let you in about how it feels to #LiveinLevis.

1.Your coworkers will be your second family

These are the people who will see you at your worst (I’m talking Black Friday y’all). But, they will always have your back and be protective of you. They will be there when you need to vent or have a lot on your mind. You and your coworkers will also bond when you're both having a bad day. I've seriously met some of my closest friends at work.

2. Customers are the worst

You know the customers I’m talking about. The customers who throw their credit cards at you. The customers who always have something to complain about...like if you hate it sooo much..shop somewhere else? They will complain about how high the prices are as if I can do something about it. I can't.

3. Customers are also the best

Sometimes my day is made by a particular customer. These people make you hate your job a little bit less and prove to you there still is some good in humanity. They are polite and talk to you like you're still a human being. Shoutout to y'all.

4. You fold jeans like a pro

I can actually fold a stack of jeans in 30 seconds. Can I add it to my resume?

5. Retail stores are actually super gross

You can’t even begin to imagine the amount of dust a retail store can accumulate, or the amount of dead bugs you will find.

6. Shopping for jeans still sucks

Just because I work for a company known for their jeans doesn’t make the jean shopping process any better. I still hate trying on a pair as much as you do.

7. Sizing is definitely wack

I seriously have jeans ranging from a size 27-32. Talk about inaccuracy. Stop paying attention to what number is on your jeans and just buy the pair you feel comfortable in and still allows you to breathe.

8. People have very interesting requests

I’ve had a mom ask me to keep an eye on her kids while she was shopping. I’ve also had a customer ask if I could tailor their pants for them...in store...myself.

9. Being able to tell a difference between every shade of blue

Trust me on this. These blues might look the same but they’re not. The first one is more of a navy blue and the second is more indigo and no, they are not the same price even though they make look the same.

While you have to take the good with the bad, I don't ever regret working at Levis. Because of this job I have made so many new friends, was able to help people find a pair of jeans that fit, and also grew my own jean collection (let's be honest though I have way too many pairs).

Cover Image Credit: Instagram | @levis

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10 Things Retail Workers Want Customers to Know

Help us help you.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my job...but there are times when customers really test my patience. Here is a list of 10 things that retail workers wish customers would realize.

1. Treating me badly is not going to make me want to help you.

Seriously, it's quite simple. If you're nice and polite to me, I will do everything I can to help you in any way that I can. If you walk in and immediately start yelling at me and insulting me, don't expect me to go above and beyond for you.

2. Saying "I'm never shopping here again!" doesn't bother me.

First of all, I can't count the number of times someone has said this to me and then came back to the store to shop again one week later. You're not fooling anyone. Second of all, if you're saying this to me then odds are that I don't really care if you come back anyway. We have plenty of other customers who enjoy shopping at our store and never have any issues.

3. I don't make the rules.

I work for a corporation. I have absolutely no control over the prices or the marketing. I just work here and do what I am told. Please don't yell at me when you're actually mad at the company policies that I am relaying to you. No matter how much you yell and scream, I can't change the rules and I am not about to break the rules and risk my job just for you.

4. Please do not walk away while I am ringing you out.

Nothing annoys me more than when customers bring all of their items up to the register and tell me that they are ready to be rung out...and then they proceed to go walk around again and shop for the next half hour. All this does is hold up one of the registers and annoys the workers as well as other customers in the store (especially if there is a line). I can't complete the transaction without the customer. Plain and simple.

5. I am not your personal shopper.

I am more than happy to help you with whatever you need me to help you with, but I also have other tasks to get done during my shift as well as other customers who may also need my attention. I can't stand there holding all of your items and doing all of your shopping for you for over an hour. The worst is when someone calls the store and asks me to run around the store shopping for them. If you call the store and ask me to grab one item to put on hold for you I will gladly do it, but I have had customers call the store with a full shopping list of items expecting me to run around and find all of them. I have customers who are actually in the store and need my help, I don't have time to run around for you when you're not even in the store.

6. I am also not getting paid to babysit your kids.

This may be the one that bothers me the most. Multiple times a day parents come in to shop with their kids...which is fine...but please make sure you actually watch your kids! It is extremely rude to let them run around destroying the store because you're busy shopping and can't be bothered with them.

7. No, I cannot use expired coupons or coupons that have not even started yet.

There are dates on them for a reason... this really isn't that hard.

8. If you walk into the store 5 minutes before we close just to browse, you are the worst kind of person.

I don't care who you are. Unless you know exactly what you need to buy and you are coming in just to grab that, pay for it, and leave, come back tomorrow. I'm tired and I've been standing for 8 hours. Please don't make me stay at work even longer just because you feel like browsing at an inconvenient time. Would you want to stay at work longer than you have to for any reason? I don't think so, so don't be the reason that I have to.

9. End your Facetime call before asking me to ring you out.

Seriously, this happens to me all the time. A customer will walk up to the register and say they are ready to check out but will continue to hold their phone up in front of their face and talk to their friend while I'm trying to get information from them to complete the transaction. It's just rude and probably going to make the transaction take longer than it needs to because you're not paying attention.

10. Don't assume that I can read your mind.

"I'm looking for that one red shirt... you know what I'm talking about!" No...I really don't. I have no idea what you're saying. Please know what you're talking about before asking the question. Also, don't get mad at me for not knowing that you need help with something when you didn't open your mouth and ask me for help.

I do honestly enjoy working in retail. I like my job, but some days are better than others. If customers realized these 10 things, it would make my life (as well as many other lives) so much easier.

Cover Image Credit: bohol-island

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