Time to celebrate Presidents' Day by pointing out a bunch of quirky presidential moments that, for the most part, have nothing to do with important presidential impacts on history, or significant moments. Here are some facts about past presidents for you to enjoy:

1. Gerald Ford: coolest dad ever

President Ford hosted his daughter Susan’s prom in the White House during his time in office. Goals.

2. George W. Bush was a cheerleader

That’s right, and not just ANY cheerleader, but the HEAD cheerleader his senior year of high school, which prepared him for his cheering career at Yale.

3. JFK was an accidental meth addict

Kennedy’s doctor during his presidency was a man named Dr. Max Jacobson that injected Kennedy and many others with methamphetamines as a new formula to help with pain and boost energy, and unknowingly creating drug addicts. The 2014 novel about this bizarre incidence, “Dr. Feelgood”, postulates that Jacobson’s injections had a considerable impact on history. Modern medicine, am I right?

4. Notorious political rivals, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both died on July 4th, 1826; 50 years after they both signed the Declaration of Independence

Adams’ last words were actually, "Thomas Jefferson survives", yet, unbeknownst to him, Jefferson had already died several hours earlier. A tragic and poetic moment in history.

5. James K. Polk turned the White House into that town in Footloose

Polk banned alcohol, playing cars, and dancing from the White House during his presidency.

6. James Buchanan made history as the only president to never be married

However, Buchanan was known to have an incredibly close relationship with Alabama Senator William Rufus King, so he may not have been single at all.

7. President Andrew Johnson was really just present-day Tommy Lee Jones traveling back in time

But seriously, the resemblance is undeniable.

8. Chester Arthur owned 80 different pairs of pants

First off, Chester Arthur was indeed a president. Second, in 1885, 80 pairs of pants was a whole lot of pants, and this “extravagant lifestyle” earned him the nickname "Elegant Arthur". Sooo extra.

9. Calvin Coolidge had raccoons as White House pets

Coolidge’s two raccoons were named Reuben and Rebecca, and would often wander around the White House. If this isn’t a red flag, I’m not sure what is.

10. FDR married his cousin

Eleanor Roosevelt didn’t have to change her last name when she married Franklin Roosevelt because they were fifth cousins. Convenient, I guess.

11. Richard Nixon was, among other things, an impressive bowler

It may not be what he is remembered for, but Nixon was so fond of bowling he had a single-lane alley installed in the White House. Way to go Nixon!

12. Ronald Reagan had a personal astrologer

Reagan was known to consult, Joan Quigley, an astrologer (yes, like zodiac signs, not stars), before big events. Again, a little bit of a red flag, but what can we expect from a Sagittarius.

13. Grover Cleveland was an executioner

Yep, before becoming the President of the United States, Grover Cleveland worked as a sheriff and carried out hangman duties, gaining him the nickname “The Buffalo Hangman”. Kind of sounds like a scary dude, also kind of sounds like a total badass.

Happy Presidents' Day!