At Texas Tech, I have met all kinds of different people who participate in all kinds of practices: Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Non-denominations, Agnostics, Atheists, and many more. Those are just the most common, but the ones who aren’t as familiar with Catholicism are my favorite. People who have found out that I am Catholic have asked me the oddest questions, and here are just some of them!

1. "But you still believe in God right?"

This one makes me laugh the hardest because I’ve never met someone so unknowledgeable of the Catholic faith. To them, this concept was completely foreign to them. Considering they weren’t religious at all, I guess it made sense. I remember when they asked me this and I immediately cackled, this was THE laugh of the day!

2. "This is a Baptist youth service so you don't have to go if you don't feel comfortable."

Every baptist or non-denominational friend of mine always says this when I am invited to another church service. I do not think I have ever been offended at these services in my entire life. I grew up going to all kinds of Youth Groups and conferences for all kinds of denominations. As long as Jesus is being worshipped, then I am completely fine! Don’t get me wrong, I am flattered that my friends put me into consideration when it comes to this, but I just do not see the need or concern for getting offended at these types of church services.

3. "Do you have to go to church everyday?"

I mean, I don’t blame the person at all for thinking this. Some Catholic and Christian Schools do have to attend church everyday! So I could see where this person is coming from. As much as i love church and love celebrating Him, I do not attend church every single day of my life nor do I have to. Some people have these misunderstood conceptions of the Catholic Faith and I love addressing to them that we Catholics are not what society explains us to be.

4. "Is this the faith who does Lent?"

This is my all time favorite question I get all of the time. Most non Catholics/Methodists/Lutherans don’t even know what Lent is, which surprises me because I grew up with Catholics all around me. The norm for me and everyone in my family was to celebrate the Lent season. In college, it is very different.

Aside from the local Catholic Church friends that I’ve made here in Lubbock, I’ve only met four other Catholics who all participate in Lent. In other words, there is only a small portion of us. I think this is very neat and exciting because it gives us the chance to teach others who are unknowledgeable of our Faith a little more about it!

One of the qualities that I value most about myself is the fact that I am Catholic. I love my denomination and I will continue to practice this beautiful, lovely Faith. I love how traditional and raw it feels to walk into God’s home surrounded by genuine people who feel confident enough to share information about Catholicism. I cannot describe that feeling.

I hope this gave you a laugh and I am glad that you now know some of the comments and questions I receive about being Catholic in college! On that note, for all of you Catholics out there reading this-"ain't no party like a Catholic Party cuz a Catholic Party don't stop!"