Humans are naturally curious, curious to the point we are at awe. Sometimes we don't believe the answer we are given. "No, I can't eat anything that derives from a pig" turns into "but not even bacon?" Yes, bacon would be included in that. It's honestly funny seeing people react to the way Muslims do things. Here's a little something to shed light on the topic.

1. "Not even water?"

In the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are asked to abstain from ALL food and drink from dawn until sunset. Yes, water included. The purpose of fasting is not to “feel for the hungry” as many are quick to assume. However, refraining from food and drink also leads to refraining from any sins one might think about committing. If the most necessary and basic needs of life are nonexistent for long hours, a Muslim also learns to control his or her desire to do any wrong (i.e. cursing, lying, etc.)

2. "But no one can see you, why can't you just eat or drink something?"

Well, God Almighty can see me. The idea might be hard to grasp, but God can see all of us… yes, all of us. Muslims believe that God is always watching and knows every single thing. We do not fast for people, we fast for ourselves and for Allah (God). Committing to Ramadan is an essential and serious branch of Islam, so we can’t and won’t just drink or eat something because “no one is watching.”

3. "Does that pin go through your head?"

No. No. No. Hijabis (Muslim females with the scarf) DO NOT put pins through their head. The pins go in and out of the scarf in which they’re wearing to stabilize it from falling off. It is not painful, or harmful. Hijabis do not, I repeat, do not put pins through their heads.

4. "So you've never tried bacon? You can't ever drink alcohol?"

Nope. Muslims are not allowed to eat anything that comes from pig, nor are we allowed to drink alcohol. I have never tried bacon (except for beef or turkey bacon, which technically counts right?) I have also never drunk alcohol. Both items are forbidden for all Muslims, simply because Allah decreed that they be forbidden. Essentially, both pork and alcohol are harmful to humans. Still, that is not the main reason that Muslims are not allowed to consume them.

5. "How can you be *insert background* (ex: Egyptian) and Muslim at the same time?"

Being Muslim is following the religion of Islam. Being Chinese, Indian, Italian, etc. has nothing to do with someone being Muslim. Ethnicity or race is not a precondition and does not conflict with being Muslim. Anyone can be Muslim so long as it’s the only religion they accept and follow.

DISCLAIMER: Don't feel like you cannot approach a Muslim to ask them questions. We are more than happy to answer questions, comments, concerns for you!