Questions I Hear As An AG Major

Questions I Hear As An AG Major

"So you're going to school to be a farmer right?"

I love to tell people I'm an AG major because it's something I'm very proud of. But sometimes, I cant decide if I want to laugh or roll my eyes at the questions I get. Here are just a handful of questions I get as a student studying agriculture.

"Wait what's your major?"

Agriculture Communications with a minor is Agribusiness and Livestock Science, need me to repeat it again?

"What does that mean?"

A communications degree. Focused in agriculture.

"You can study that?"

Nah I'm just kidding, gotcha good didn't I?

"So did you grow up on a farm?"

Some AG majors did, some didn't, whether you did or didn't really doesn't make a difference.

"What exactly are you planning on doing with that?"

Oh you know, just working and making a career like everyone else.

"There are jobs for that?"

Yes, yes there are. Agriculture is actually the nation's largest employer, I promise there's jobs and they don't all involve working on a farm.

"Whats your stance on GMO's?"

They're a vital part to feeding our growing population , please don't try to tell me all of the bad things Facebook has told you about them.

"Do you wanna have a farm one day?"

I actually do but I know plenty of AG majors who don't .

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If Your College Major Was A Cookie, Here's What You'd Be Snacking On

Sorry, I had to.

Cookies are probably one of the greatest foods to exist in this world. There are so many varieties and tastes that my mouth is salivating just thinking about it. There are just as many, if not more, majors to compare to cookies. Let me give it a try.

1. History - Sugar Cookie

History never changes, much like sugar cookies. (Also, they're both boring.)

2. English - Nutella Lava Cookie Cups

English majors tend to be creative. This cookie is that and more.

3. Biology - Giant Cookie

Things are always evolving, becoming bigger and better than they were before. This giant cookie mimics a regular one, except, well, it's giant.

4. Accounting - Green Tea Shortbread Sandwich Cookies

2 + 1 = deliciousness

5. Art - Double Decker, Dark Chocolate, Mini Doughnut Sugar Cookie

This is simply a work of art - pun intended.

6. Chemistry - Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie

Hmm, maybe if I add just a bit of bacon, it will make this cookie 10x better.

7. Statistics - Hot Cocoa Cookies

Hmm, the statistics of this cookie being delicious is...100%.

8. Dance - Banana Split Cake Mix Cookies

It's all in the name.

9. Theater - Insanely Delicious Turtle Cookies

There are some insanely talented people in this major.

10. Sports Management - Brown Butter Oatmeal Cookies Filled with Caramel and Peanut Butter

There are so many different things going on with this major, I thought it appropriate to put a cookie that also has a lot of things going on with it.

11. Public Health - Trail Cookies

I guess these are healthy? Kinda?

12. Mass Communications - Peach Drop Cookies

A reporter can do many things, especially if they blow our minds away. Mic drop, anyone?

13. Nursing - Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies

Don't you love looking a blood? No? Then why are you a nursing major?

If your major wasn't on here, I'm sorry. There are too many for me to compare to cookies.

If you want to get all these awesome recipes for the cookies, check out this awesome blog!

Cover Image Credit: @levainbakery

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8 Ways You Know You're A Coffee Enthusiast

Don't drink coffee? How brewed.

Coffee: the one that helps us up when we are down, the blood in our veins, our source of life.

1. You can't start your day (or article) without it.

At this point in life, you don't know how you would ever make it out the door without your coffee tumbler in hand. (And you don't want to know.)

2. Name that coffee brand? Psh, easy.

Put a blindfold on you and stick all of the major coffee brands in front of you and you can immediately tell one from the next. Folgers or Maxwell House? Seattle's Best or Green Mountain Coffee? You know.

3. You know the difference between a Starbucks macchiato and a macchiato anywhere else.

Actually, Starbucks has recreated the "macchiato" to be the complete opposite of what it actually is. When ordering a macchiato at any coffee shop, expect a small, hot, espresso drink with a dollop of milk froth. Order one at Starbucks? You know you'll get a latte-wannabe, (aka a large, milky, coffee drink.)

4. You celebrate coffee diversity.

Light roast, dark roast, French, Italian, Turkish, Cuban, etc...they all have their own, unique flavors!

5. Coffee mugs are among your most prized possessions.

The cabinet is full of mugs with inspirational quotes, quirky designs, adorable animals, funny sayings, etc. Each one has a special place on the shelf!

6. Your local coffee shop knows your order by heart.

Enough said.

7. You secretly enjoy McCafe coffee.

You claim you'd never let it touch your lips, but honestly, you know deep down inside it's a darn decent brew.

8. At least half of the clothing in your closet has coffee stains on them.

Why is it that coffee drinkers are somehow also the clumsiest people? (Especially when wearing white.)

A coffee-less life? No thank you.

Cover Image Credit: Caroline Buck

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