To Those Questioning College

Everyone seems to be graduating while you are still working out your last few years. You won't be done in four years, but it may only take you an extra semester, year or two years. There is no rush. College is designed for four years, but if you are like me it doesn't work that way. Things happen that you may not be in control of and others may be your fault such as not studying enough or underestimating a class. Others may have taken a different road such as attending community college before transferring to a university. There are different ways of going through college and all of them take time.

It is a given that you will fail at some point. You will make mistakes and go down roads that may not lead you to the destination you were desiring. You may even be on the verge on getting dismissed from college. At some point you will question if it is really worth it.

Everyone will fail. Now, I'm saying this in a way that you will fail a test, a class or program but that does not mean give up. So what if it just sets you back another semester or year even? The most encouraging thing you can do is re-take the class and try just as hard. Take your time and make sure you do your best. That way, you cannot feel that you did not put your heart and soul into your work.

Even if it does take you longer than others you are still trying and still willing to put up with the fails to earn a win. You will graduate, and you will earn that degree if you are willing to put up with the work. It does not matter how long it takes you to earn it but that you still push yourself to achieve.

Now go on and keep trying!

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