10 Quarantine Travel Gifts For The Travel-Obsessed Friend
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10 Gifts For The Travel-Obsessed Friend Who's Jumping On A Plane ASAP

Choosing the right gift for someone special can be intimidating and time consuming.

10 Gifts For The Travel-Obsessed Friend Who's Jumping On A Plane ASAP

Below are some interesting and unique ideas if you are looking for the perfect gift for someone who enjoys traveling.

1. Luggage

One of the most-used items during travel is luggage. This means luggage and backpacks need to be replaced often. Be sure to consider how the recipient travels.

Would he or she benefit from a nice backpack that can be used on backpacking treks across the country or would a carry-on bag that meets airline standards be more appropriate?

Other luggage-related gifts to consider are sturdy luggage tags or a luggage scale.

2. High-Quality Face Sunscreen

For those traveling, proper sun care is essential. It's easy to become excited to get on your way that you forget the essentials, and one of the most commonly forgotten items is a sunscreen.

And, many people don't splurge when purchasing. Gifting a high-quality facial sunscreen will make them excited to use it, and they'll think of you every time they use it.

3. Technology Goodies

Techno gadgets can make our everyday lives a whole lot easier and they can also make it a lot more fun. If your favorite traveler likes to explore different countries, consider purchasing a universal adapter plug.

This will assure that no matter where the recipient ventures, he or she will always be able to use their devices. Other technology goodies to consider include an extra-long charging cord for devices, a high-quality digital camera to capture moments and memories and a small surge protector to keep their devices safe.

4. Organizational Items

Packing cubes allow the traveler to not only organize their suitcase, but to compact items which creates more useful space. Another item that might help your traveler stay organized is a travel wallet.

This type of wallet has large enough pockets to hold a passport and tickets along with traditional slots for cards and money. You might also consider purchasing a transparent tote organizer for a quick trip through TSA or an electronics organizer for safely transporting cords and chargers.

5. Inspirational Items

Inspire your favorite traveler to plan his or her next adventure with a "Trip Fund" piggy bank. You can even start their savings by filling the bank with coins.

You can also inspire by gifting items that might encourage them to explore a new destination. For instance, purchase a Hawaiian shirt in hopes that it will inspire a trip to a tropical island.

6. Food-Related Gifts

Everyone likes to be reminded of fun destinations and a great way to do this is through the sense of taste. Choose a food gift from the recipient's favorite destination or destinations. Coffee varieties from around the world might bring back good memories or a subscription box with an international flare might bring thoughts of far-off destinations.

Choose to remind your traveler of a fun night in Alaska with some smoked salmon or relive the moment you tried escargot for the first time together in that Parisian cafe.

7. Photos and Keepsakes

Photographs are perhaps the best travel souvenir of all. Create a custom photo blanket full of travel photos for the recipient. Include keepsakes such as ticket stubs or brochures to enhance the look.

If there is a photo that he or she is particularly fond of, consider having it turned into an oil painting or enlarge the print and put it in a nice frame.

8. Comfort Items

Travel should be relaxing and it's hard to relax if you aren't comfortable. Choose items that will bring comfort to the recipient. Soft and warm socks are a welcomed relief after a day of sight-seeing.

Earplugs or even earbuds or noise-canceling headphones can help the traveler get some much-needed sleep. Snacks are also important comfort foods, so create or purchase a basket full of travel-sized snacks that can be eaten on a plane or easily packed in a suitcase.

9. Items for Exploring

If the recipient is into backpacking, hiking and rugged travel, consider buying something to enhance his or her next trip. A life straw is a device that is small to pack but assures that your favorite traveler will also have access to clean water anywhere in the world. A headlamp with extra batteries, a nice pocket knife or a paper copy of the destination might also be appreciated.

10. Safety Items

Safety is a key component in successful travel. Give gifts that will help to keep the recipient safe while traveling. A doorstop alarm is a great device, especially for a single traveler. This item can be used at hotels and other locations and will alert the recipient if the door to their room is opening.

Portable hotel door or drawer locks will help to protect personal possessions and a travel dictionary or language translator might just be the perfect way to assure that the recipient can navigate safely around foreign destinations.

Choosing the Perfect Gift Isn't So Hard

Take a few things into consideration when choosing the right gift. Consider if the person you are shopping for is an avid international traveler or if they usually do domestic travel.

Other things to consider are whether or not the recipient loves adventure or if luxury travel is more of an interest. It is also nice to consider the recipient's personal preferences of color or style and their sizes, if you are considering purchasing clothing.

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