What It's Like Being Single In Quarantine
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5 Gen Z Girls Get Real About Being Single In Quarantine And, Well, It Has Its Ups And Downs

We're all in this together.

5 Gen Z Girls Get Real About Being Single In Quarantine And, Well, It Has Its Ups And Downs

No matter your relationship status, quarantine undoubtedly has its ups and downs. Singles around the world, for example, are all coping with isolation in different ways. While some are downloading and vigorously swiping through dating apps in search of a quarantine boyfriend (or two), others are disconnecting and trying to focus on themselves.

Here's what five Gen Z girls had to say about the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly parts of being single in quarantine:

How have you been feeling overall since quarantine began?

LEXI: I've been feeling bored, sad, and overwhelmed. Bored with all the free time on my hands, sad because I wish I had someone I like to quarantine with, and overwhelmed with homework.

CORA: I have felt stagnant trying to keep myself occupied every day.

CALISTA: Overall, I've been exhausted. Without a job and the monotony of Monday through Friday, I had all too much time on my hands to do a lot of thinking about what could be improved upon for my happiness. So much so that I realized for my own personal growth and his, an amicable breakup with my live-in boyfriend was necessary. It's hard to know that comfort when I need to cry is just a room over — but I was getting a little bit TOO used to hugs instead of being able to buck up and take care of the issues myself. I'm learning to be alone, and since I have to be quite literally alone in my room now, yoga and Chloe Ting's two-week ab challenge can only do so much for me. I've been so strained trying to use this time to "fix myself" the best I can that it's been more of a mindfulness boot camp than a nice break.

SOPHIE: To be honest, I felt depressed at first because I finished college and moved back home (thus losing my chain of independence). However, I am taking the opportunity of this transition to focus on what kind of life I want to lead. Overall, I am looking forward to this change and I am doing my best to be productive and focus on myself.

CECILIA: Overall it hasn't been so bad. I originally thought it was going to be terrible and I was going to be super lonely. However, I have been feeling better than I ever have.

Has your relationship with dating apps changed or stayed the same since being quarantined? How?

LEXI: It's changed drastically. I've been dropping my standards I feel like haha. I've been getting bored because I feel like everyone is the same. There are days I swipe for hours and days I don't swipe because what's the point if we can't hang out.

CORA: I haven't bothered with dating apps during this time. #SocialDistancing

CALISTA: After the breakup, I was interested in Bumble. I knew I wasn't ready to dive headfirst into the dating pool again with so much of my own personal stuff to work on, but I wanted to see who was out there. The answer was a LOT of cuties. It was so easy to fantasize what Abbey from Lancaster and I's wedding would be like that I knew I had to cut it off. There's no way to use these apps for a quick hookup, so I could only grow attached to talking with someone else. Edit apps. Delete. Lock phone.

SOPHIE: I feel bitter toward dating apps. Now that I am at home trying to be productive with my life, I have realized how much frustration and foolishness I invested in dating apps. Even before this pandemic, I downloaded and used the apps because I was bored. I no longer have the excuse to be careless and aloof, now that I am going through a life transition. I want more respect for myself and will be brutally honest with people on dating apps.

CECILIA: I haven't been using dating apps as much actually. I just haven't gotten bored enough yet.

What's the best part about being single in quarantine?

LEXI: The best part is not being worried about seeing a significant other or trying to make time for them during this.

CORA: The best part is that I don't have to share my snacks.

CALISTA: I have so much me time! Without the worry of a 7 a.m. work alarm, I can spend some time in bed, devote some time to reading a book, and have a spa day on a whim. That being said, I had to add SOME routine to keep me from going off the deep end, but there's no time pressure when I have to get up and wash my face. I can take the extra minute to scroll through Insta.

SOPHIE: Having time to myself has opened a world of creativity and realization for me; I can paint, cook, bake, garden, and write my blogs with more freedom. Making my hobbies a priority has made me realized how important it is to make time for myself and not always for someone I like and hope to be with.

CECILIA: The best part about being single is that I NEVER have to look good and I don't have to entertain another person.

What's the hardest part about being single in quarantine?

LEXI: I don't have someone to cuddle with every night and watch movies with or grab takeout with.

CORA: I live alone so what's hard is not having someone to have those texts and video calls with.

CALISTA: Nights are tough. It would feel so great to know you have days and days of Netflix and snuggles with your significant other, but there's no way. The thousands of cute couple quarantine pictures all over my social media most certainly do not make it easier.

SOPHIE: It's a horrible habit for me to compare myself to others and feel my self-esteem deflated. I have two sisters who are stuck with their quarantine boyfriends and I have thought about how I have lacked in my own relationships. Of course, this is a ridiculous thought, things are circumstantial and not in my control. I want to stop feeling sorry for myself and feel happy for the love people have for each other.

CECILIA: The hardest part is that there is no one there to keep me entertained. And I miss the cuddles.

If you could give one piece of advice to other singles who are experiencing loneliness in quarantine, what would it be?

LEXI: Embrace it right now because you have no one to worry about other than yourself.

CORA: Take this time to focus on yourself; work out, try new hobbies, get a Fire Stick, love on your friends and family, you'll feel better not wasting your time trying to find a new boo.

CALISTA: Keep up your appearance! You don't have to dress to impress every day, but putting on some mascara or have a day in jeans rather than your sweatpants to keep your confidence up for when it is time to get back out and at 'em again.

SOPHIE: Take things day by day, and learn to love yourself.

CECILIA: Give yourself the love that you need because self-love is truly the only love you need.

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