Three Ways to Keep the Spark Alive With Your Boo During Quarantine
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Three Ways to Keep the Spark Alive With Your Boo During Quarantine

Dating in a pandemic doesn't have to be difficult.

Three Ways to Keep the Spark Alive With Your Boo During Quarantine

Since the coronavirus has hit the United States, schools have been forced to close nationwide, causing couples to head home without each other. As if being stuck inside during quarantine isn't boring enough, now couples are being forced to do so alone. To keep the spark in your relationship alive and feel as though you're still spending time with your significant other, here's a list of the best couples quarantine activities that still practice social distancing.

Zoom and Chill

A twist on the classic "Netflix and Chill," "Zoom and Chill" allows all couples to watch their favorite movies together during quarantine. The only difference is that now your love can also be on the big screen. Both parties simply download the Zoom app on their laptops or mobile devices, create their own accounts, and start up a meeting. By sharing the meeting ID and password, anyone can join the call. Once you're finally face to face with your boo again, open a new tab and bring up any streaming website of your choice. Hit play on your favorite movie, and share the screen over Zoom. Those romantic sparks are sure to start flying again once you see your boyfriend/girlfriend stuffing their face with handfuls of popcorn.

Reminisce on the Romance

While spending time apart, you might start to miss your significant other. Since the opportunity to make new memories is on hold, take advantage of this time to send each other old memories to make your hearts flutter. Have pictures from your first date? Frame them and place them around your room. Can't stop watching videos that make you laugh of you two together? Make a compilation of them all using an app on your phone.

Getting through quarantine apart may be difficult, but looking back on happier times will bring you joy and put a smile on your face. This is a perfect opportunity to appreciate the times when you didn't have to air-hug each other from six feet apart.

Virtual Dates

Thanks to FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Zoom, dating through the screen is now easier than ever. If you're looking to keep up with those routine date nights, find a recipe you can both make at home that's easy and fun. Once you have all the ingredients laid out, spark up a conversation while you're chopping up the onions. This will imitate the feeling of actually cooking together!

After the meals are prepared (and you hopefully haven't burned the kitchen down), plate the food and eat over the phone. To really spice things up, light some candles and pretend like you're at your favorite restaurant together. Or, if you're both feeling lazy that night, order takeout and just enjoy each other's virtual company.

Coronavirus has definitely taken away the normalcy of everyone's daily lives, but with these ideas, hopefully you and your love can make it feel as if you're quarantined together. Long distance relationships are not known for their ease, but don't forget that coronavirus will eventually exhaust itself, and you'll be back in each other's arms in no time.

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