12 Things To Do While Quarantined With Your Family
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12 Things To Do While Quarantined With Your Family

Productive ways to spend the day at home

12 Things To Do While Quarantined With Your Family

It was a shock to me when I discovered that I would be staying at home for much longer than anticipated after spring break. I hadn't even packed enough clothes. With all that's going on in the world right now, we are encouraged to stay home and avoid large gatherings. Being at home with family is super fun, until it isn't anymore. Being at home and unable to really go and do anything, I found things to do that I didn't even know were in my house. Surprisingly, you can still be highly productive while being locked away in your bedroom.

1. Online Workouts

If you love the gym but don't want to be around the sweaty germs, you are in luck. YouTube has plenty of workout videos you can watch in the comfort of your own home.

2. Adult Coloring Books

There's nothing like passing the time by coloring your favorite swear word... with nothing else to worry about.

3. Start a New Netflix Series

Although I'm sure you've already been binge-watching to pass the time, start something new and refreshing. Pick a show you wouldn't have considered watching otherwise. Who knows? Maybe you'll really enjoy it.

4. Cook Something

The grocery stores are cleared out for the most part. Take what you do have and try to cook something creative. Who cares if it takes five hours?

5. Clean Out Your Closet

Every-time I come home, I wonder why I haven't thrown some of these old clothes out. Now is the time to partake in a little bit of purging.

6. Plan Out Your Week

With more time, you can be even more organized. I always go full-out in my planners to make sure I stick to it and it's a great way to productively pass time, while also being artsy.

7. Start Writing

Besides writing on this platform, I enjoy just writing things on my own. It can be really eye-opening to keep a journal or diary and write down your thoughts. If you're more imaginative, writing stories can also be really fun.

8. Board Games

It's definitely time to break out those dusty old 'Monopoly' boards and sit down for a twelve hour game... if that's what it takes.

9. Look Through Old Photos

When you're with your family, it can be super entertaining (and emotional) to look through old memories. Pull out the old scrapbooks and start flipping. It'll be sure to keep the whole family involved.

10. Do Your Makeup

Do a full-face of makeup just to sit around. It's super relaxing to do your makeup, knowing that you really aren't going anywhere.

11. Read

You might not want to read after spring break at all, but some books will draw you in and you won't be able to stop.

12. Bond With Them

Chances are, your family is probably more excited that you're home for a while more than anything. This is a stressful time for everyone, so make the best of it. Talk to your family, talk to your siblings and talk to your parents. This can turn out to be great bonding time for everyone.

Being locked inside isn't the best feeling, but there are ways to make it more tolerable. Search your house and find things to do, and you'll be surprised. And if you're the type to lay in bed all day, do that. It's entirely up to you!

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