Put Away Your Juul

Put Away Your Juul

Not only are they dangerous but they also don't make you cool.

Juuls. The new cigarette. The new vape. If you are out of college you are probably asking yourself what is a "Juul"? Well, its pretty much an e-cig podlike vape that many college and high school students have. Why exactly? To look cool? To get a high? If you actually understand what this Juul is maybe you will rethink having one.

They are not "not bad" for you.

Juuls were first made to help smokers. They were supposed to be a smoking-cessation aid. Personally, most people I know who have Juuls were not smokers in the first place. So, why do you have one?

Many people say they are better for you than cigarettes. Yes that is true, but they are not healthy for you in any way. In fact, Juul pods deliver nicotine when hit. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug and the nicotine salt found in Juuls is much more addictive than cigarettes so users feel more satisfied. Nicotine unlocks receptors and results in diverse sensations but is very short term, and that is why it is so addictive. In fact, it can be seen just as addictive as heroin and cocaine. Yikes!

The most scary part about the Juul is that scientists and doctors do not yet know the long term affects of the Juul yet. It has only been out for a few years. And, most users are under the age of 21, whose brains aren't even fully developed. Who knows what affect a Juul can have on a fifteen year old brain? (Yes, fifteen year olds have these Juuls).

I think we can agree that in no way are these Juuls good for you. If you are using one to stop smoking cigarettes that is a different story, but if you are a teenager who has never smoked, do not buy a Juul. Please.

They are not cool.

They aren't period. When I ask people why they have Juuls, a common response is "they are cool." Let me respond to that statement, they are not. Boys- Juuling in front of a girl is not cute and girls- juuling in front of a boy is not cute or classy. The last thing I want a boy to do when I am talking to him is blow his smoke in my face. Enough said.

So, if you are thinking about buying one of these Juuls, please rethink your decision. And if you have a Juul, throw it away.

Cover Image Credit: Twitter

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10 Things To Know About Kids Who Grow Up With Parents Who Always Had A 0.08% BAC

Most kids acquire either anxiety, depression or PTSD from their childhood.

It seems like the statistics for alcoholic parents is growing by the year, so to help you understand what it’s like for children who grow up with alcoholic parents here are 10 things you need to know about kids who grow up with alcoholic parents.

1. We think that everything is always our fault.

2. We’re usually the caregivers in the relationship taking on the “parental” role.

3. We don’t usually have friends due to our environment.

4. Normal for us is parents fighting or even abuse.

5. We always need approval, because we think we’re not good enough and what we do isn’t good enough.

6. There’s always fear in our lives, a fear of what’s going to happen next, a fear of giving this disease to our children or ruin our children the way we were ruined.

7. There’s always a need to perfect, most have a fear of rejection so there’s always that thought to do everything so you don’t get rejected.

8. There’s a sense of control because for our lives we’ve been in control, of feeding ourselves, taking care of the parents, the house, siblings.

9. We’re always stressed and at no peace, though we are stressed when we're not stressed it's not normal, that is our life. Our life is chaos and stress, something that’s comfortable for us.

10. We don’t want to grow up like our parents so we do everything we can not too but it’s hard to break the statistic when there’s usually no one there to help you break it along the way.

These are just a few things to know about children who grow up with alcoholic parents. Most kids acquire either anxiety, depression or PTSD from their childhood.

So, with that being, said before you go and judge someone for why they are the way they are, think about all of the possibilities on why they might be that way.

Be kind with your words and actions toward people, you never know what type of childhood they had or what they are going through.

Cover Image Credit: Every Pixel

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Why Yes, I Think Your 'Juuling' is Beyond Stupid

We get it, you rip Juul.

It is the year 2018. The majority of the population can agree that cigarettes are not the cool, bad-ass symbol that they were back in the day. We understand the consequences of sucking on cancer sticks, and nobody wants halitosis and wrinkles because ew. Aside from the occasional "cigs inside," drunkenly enjoyed by some college students mid frat party, most millennials, especially, do not smoke at all.

I also recall a few years ago when e-cigarettes first became popular, and the majority of young people found the robotic tubes to be laughable. "We get it, you vape!!" they yelled to the edgy skater-boys as they took a drag from their vape while walking through the mall. It was truly not admirable; it was a way to quit the hard stuff at best, and a douche move more often.

So tell me, then. If its "uncool" to smoke cigarettes, and was equally uncool to vape... why oh WHY is it so cool to "rip Juul?"

While I can agree that the sleek, flash-drive looking device looks um, cuter (?), than clunky e-cigs and stinky cigarettes, but you know what looks even cuter? Not Juuling, either.

The reasons for why I am the president of the imaginary club I like to call "Ripping Juul is Uncool" are endless. It sounds superficial to base decisions on "cool," but the health consequences of nicotine are already well-published.

Personally, I just think it is completely extra to carry your Juul like a precious child, placing it against your lips every five freaking minutes for a *delicious* rip. Yes, the nicotine supposedly gives you a buzz, but in what life do you need a buzz constantly at your disposal during every second of your regular everyday life?

Oh, what's that, Stacy? Your Juul is nicotine-free? That's really good, I'm proud of you for avoiding a substance known to be ridiculously addicting. But, like, enlighten me, Stacy. What's the point?!

People Juul in class, at the store, in the house, in the car, because they just need it. Well, here is the thing. I don't want to be offered a Juul rip at every party I go to. I don't care how expensive your "pods" were. I do not think dependency on any type of e-cig (which, yes, Juul falls into this category) is cool, trendy or necessary. I know it seems like everyone is Juuling, but come on! I know someone must agree with me.

You might need your precious Juul, but honestly, I just need Juul to R.I.P.

Cover Image Credit: Juul Vapor / Instagram

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