Purdue Rebuttal: Why a Born and Raised IU Fan Went to Purdue Instead
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Purdue Rebuttal: Why a Born and Raised IU Fan Went to Purdue Instead

Purdue Rebuttal: Why a Born and Raised IU Fan Went to Purdue Instead

This is a response to 10Worthy article, “19 Reasons Purdue Is the Worst School In The Big 10 (Courtesy of IU).”

1. IU likes to brag about having banners on the wall, and I will give you that much. You do have five national basketball championships. But Purdue has a banner of its own. It is the Star-Spangled Banner, and it is on the moon. Purdue graduate, Neil Armstrong, was the first man to walk on the moon, and that is something that will be remembered for all of posterity. Talk to me about banners when IU procures one of equal importance with a comparable contribution to history.

2. Not only that, but 22 other astronauts call Purdue their alma mater, including the last man to go to the moon, Eugene Cernan.

3. While we are on the topic of men’s basketball, let’s talk about the fact that Purdue leads IU in overall series wins 114-88. Similarly, Purdue is ahead of IU in football series wins by 72-38.

4. Purdue University airport was the first university-owned airport in the United States. Does your school have an airport? Didn’t think so.

5. For the 16th straight year, Purdue alumni have played in the Super Bowl. IU cannot say the same. 

6. Breakfast Club is a huge, long-standing Purdue tradition that IU unsuccessfully attempted to copy. Nice try, though.

7. Speaking of the bar scene, among others, we have Harry’s Chocolate Shop. Need I say more? But I will. It opened in 1919 and remains a historical landmark and a nationally ranked bar. Plus, any bar with the slogan, “go ugly early” sounds like a damn good time to me.

8. People hear that you attend Purdue and think it is a private university on par with an Ivy League. People hear that you attend IU and think you go to a top party school. Personally, I much prefer the Ivy League reputation.

9. Your 204,000 square foot Student Recreational Sports Center does not even begin to compare to our 355,000 square foot Cordova Recreational Sports Center that was recently erected as a result of a $98 million renovation.

10. IU has no room to make fun of anyone’s mascot. Purdue has Purdue Pete, the Boilermaker Special, and the World’s Largest Drum to amp up school spirit. Meanwhile, IU has the Hoosier. Yet, there is no physical embodiment of a Hoosier, and, most importantly, all Indiana residents are Hoosiers. That’s not a mascot. Purdue’s mascot can run a train on IU’s. Literally.

11. Purdue is not ugly. Growing up as an IU fan, I heard this lie delivered frequently. But the red brick buildings with limestone trims and the iconic bell tower that looms over campus paint a different picture. Even my die-hard, proud IU alumnus father conceded just how beautiful Purdue is when he accompanied me to my STAR date and strolled extensively through campus for the first time.

12. “IU’s pregames are Purdue’s parties”? Is that so? The last time I checked, the Purdue Greek system pairs up with other houses for larger functions. Instead of just having a pair with a single fraternity and sorority like IU does, Purdue's parties are bigger, better and more fun. We have lots of friends outside of our own house, making our Greek system much closer knit. Because we know how to play nicely with others. Because we know how to have a good time.

13. Purdue dining courts are consistently ranked as some of the best in the nation. You can try to say that this makes us gain more weight, but that is just an unfounded, jealous remark. Our food rocks. 

14. Purdue students realize that it is just a good-natured rivalry with IU. Meanwhile, IU students take the rivalry to an unnecessarily rude level. When Purdue was shaken to its core by the brutal murder of a classmate, IU students took to social media with comments such as, “This shooting just proves once again that IU is the superior school.”  Actually, IU, moments like that just prove your sheer and utter lack of class. This example may only be an appeal to pathos, but still.

15. Purdue students will actually know the definition of "appeal to pathos."

For more on why IU (kind of) sucks, check out this article.
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