My Pups Are Best For These 5 Reasons

5 Reasons My Pups Are The Best, And All Others Can Go Home

I love my two dogs more than anything in the world, and I want to share them with you.

Photo by Amy Oberholtzer

I have two amazing dogs, Casper and Rue. Here are five reasons why these two are the best dogs an owner could ask for.

They always pose for pictures.

Rue (red shirt) and Casper are look very photogenic in their little corners.

Photo taken by Amy Oberholtzer

These two are always posing for pictures. I could make a photo album chock full of these types of photos.

They never fail to make me laugh.

My mom was trying to make the bed, and Casper tucked himself in and refused to come out.

Photo taken by Amy Oberholtzer

Both my dogs love to "help" my parents make their bed up. In this instance, my mom had just put the top sheet on, and Casper parked himself right there and growled at us when we tried to move him.

They love to cuddle in bed.

Rue (left, in flower sweater) and Casper (right) taking up residence on my bed.

Photo taken by Amy Oberholtzer

These two munchkins absolutely love laying around on my bed, more so than me.

They are playful and energetic.

Rue, ready to play with one of her favorite toys.

Photo taken by Amy Oberholtzer

Both dogs love to play with their toys, but often fight over the same toy.

They love sleeping as much as I do.

Here is Rue enjoying a nice mid-morning nap on my bed.

Photo taken by Amy Oberholtzer

Rue more so than Casper likes to sleep, but both of them enjoy a good few naps during the day.

All in all, these two dogs are what I live for. They are my whole world, and I am more than grateful they are in my life.

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