Having a dog, especially a young one, comes with many challenges. They misbehave, they test their boundaries, and they test you. They want to know you love them. All the time. That’s right, no days off. They will:

1. Eat things you really need

I’m looking at you, Rosie the Goldendoodle. You ate my beauty blender and we’re not friends right now.

2. Squeak a toy at you until you pay attention to them

“I’m trying to write a paper and you’re squeaking right in my ear. You’ll run out of energy, right?”

3. Act like a lapdog when you’re busy, no matter what size they are

“You’ve got to get off of me I CAN’T BREATHE!”

4. Bite you, just because they’re bored

Again, I’m looking at you, Rosie. You’re not even at teething age anymore! WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS?!

5. Try to comfort you when they think you’re sad

They know. They just know, and they’ll test your love by snuggling up to you, and seeing if you cuddle them back. Puppies need a constant sense of assurance, and even if you’re mad at them, they need you to snuggle them back.

Despite the difficult days, I wouldn’t have it any other way.