Pumpkin carving is a fun activity that brings all ages together to get into the Halloween spirit. My family holds an annual pumpkin carving contest, in which each family member secretly carves their pumpkin and the final products are revealed to everyone at once. A picture of the pumpkins is then posted on social media where friends and family vote for the jack-o-lantern they like best. If you're as competitive as me, you know the importance of choosing a pumpkin design that displays skillful craftsmanship while also being a feasible design. Choosing the perfect design is hard, but here are 10 ideas to get you started on your journey to 1st place.

1. Haunted house

Nothing says Halloween like a spooky haunted house. This unique design shows the perfect amount of skill, and is sure to catch the judge's eye!

2. The friendly jack-o-lantern 

For a more light hearted design, try creating a friendly pumpkin face. Put a twist on a classic jack-o-lantern with this pumpkin design.

3. Under the sea

This octopus is a great idea for advanced carvers. The intricate carving will be sure to give you extra points!

4. Howling wolf 

If you're looking for a design that will show off your master carving skills, try carving a wolf into your pumpkin this year.

5. Halloween ghost 

Ghosts are a classic part of Halloween that make a great pumpkin carving design. Add a personal edge by putting a facial expression on the ghost!

6. Spooky black cat 

You can't get much spookier than a classic black cat. Impress the judges with this intricate carving. To add a twist, try carving a background such as a moon or stars.