How to choose a good small molecule peptide?
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How to choose a good small molecule peptide?

Tips to buy and choose best peptide

How to choose a good small molecule peptide?

As people become more aware of peptides, more and more people buy peptides to regulate their bodies, and there are a variety of branded peptide products in the market. Health cannot be sloppy, many consumers, especially patients, have such doubts, every company says its peptide is the best, then is there a standard to identify what kind of peptide is a good peptide? The experts summarize the following points to choose a good peptide.

1: Amino acid composition
2-5 amino acid chain formed by peptide bonds, called small peptides, it has the highest value among all peptides, has strong activity and diversity, has important biological functions, and its physiology A wide range of functions.

2: The molecular
weight of the peptide is less than 1000, the small peptide (oligopeptide), the molecular weight of 1000-3000 is a polypeptide, and 3000-5000 are large peptides. Compared with small peptides, the value is different. . Small peptides are ten times more physiological than large peptides.

3: The peptide content

The peptide content of the polypeptide mixture peptide is very low, and the peptide is decomposed by the isolated protein, the content of the peptide is particularly high, and its energy and effect are several times higher than the former.

4: Peptide raw materials
currently, animal peptide activity is high, such as deep sea fish collagen peptide is the best. These protein bases are close to human proteins and are high quality proteins. The peptide catalyzed by the plant protease is very similar to the human synthetic peptide, and is easily absorbed by the human body, and is easy to exert physiological functions.

5: Peptide production methods
Some methods not only produce peptides with high and low molecular weight, but also contain chemical components, and some even have pollution. After eating, they are not only beneficial to the human body, but also endanger human health. Peptides produced by the decomposition of animal proteins with animal proteases are preferred. The polypeptide produced by this method not only eliminates allergens of animal and plant proteins, but also has no chemical residues, no bitterness and odor, and has unique flavor and aroma.

6: Peptide research and development Human
peptides are high-tech products, and most people cannot develop them at all. Therefore, the choice of peptides depends on who the researcher is, whether there is visibility, whether there is scientific research strength, and whether there is economic strength.

7: Production companies
Many small companies are now producing peptides, but the quality is not guaranteed. Therefore, it is necessary to buy peptide to see which company produces it. The scale of production is not big, and there is no advanced equipment and advanced technology to support it.
Since 2016 to the present , the peptide market is very hot, and the market is also "peptide" chaos, which also causes many consumers and agents to distinguish between good and bad, and some brands and agents for the benefit, In the big stream of mixed fish and dragons, the "flicker" is constantly stopped, which damages the reputation of the peptide. So, what is the current status of the peptide market? The author recently conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with a senior operator of the peptide industry, and made the following analysis and summary.

No 1:
Take profit as the primary starting point, blindly follow the trend, and take the opportunity to speculate.
Since 2016, small molecule peptides, which are the closest to everyone's life and health, are unknown to many people. As a result, many keen merchants have seen small molecular peptides and are a profitable business opportunity. They have entered the small molecule peptide industry, direct sales, and micro-business. They are blindly following the trend and looking for manufacturers to OEM. However, the initial heart of many brands is definitely not to let consumers use real pure peptides, but to speculate on the concept of peptides, using small peptides as a tool to make money, and brands say they are "best peptides."

No 2:
Engage in FDA certification, the role is not great. Some companies have never developed and produced peptides before, but just buy peptides raw materials and repackage them. In order to give consumers a reassurance, they should ask the certification body to certify their products. In fact, these certifications can get certification after spending half a month or so. It does not explain the big problem. It is nothing more than a reassurance for consumers who do not know how to do it. Some brands can even advertise on all kinds of TV stations for three or five thousand. This is just a gimmick, and the purpose is to show consumers.

No 3 :
False cases, apply to each other, and smash each other. In order to improve the efficacy of their products, some brands have misappropriated other brands or even other types of products. This is a case of their own products. Therefore, there are some unbearable embarrassments. Some consumers see the same case, but at the same time The brand said that it is good to drink its own small molecular peptides. The brands are smashing each other.

No 4 :
In order to fool consumers and agents, some OEM brands also said that the production enterprises are their own enterprises. Some enterprises that did not have any research and development peptides before, also began to boast that they cooperated with a certain unit to develop and produce peptides a few years ago. As everyone knows, a high-purity peptide factory takes 4/5 years to build. The research and development of high-purity soy peptides requires four steps to study the production and completion of industrial engineering experiments. It is indispensable, and it is impossible to do it in a few years. Which company can do it now? Which company can come up with patented technology? If you rely on a few FDA certifications to say that you are the "best" in the world, So how do agents and consumers choose peptides?
Without peptides, there is no life, peptides, and it is related to your own health and even your life. You must be responsible for yourself. You must not choose them at will. Whether you are an agent or a consumer, you must have your own standards. How much basic knowledge you need to master it works.

To be a health industry, to be a small molecule peptide, first of all must be a conscience, where the initial heart is to make money, regardless of product quality and efficacy, to engage in some gimmicks to fool consumers, in the end can only be destined to be short-lived, consume their own blessings, how How to earn it will be spit out.

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