Being gay is one the most FANTASTIC things ever! 1 in 10 people are gay and most of them are ashamed of who they are, but you shouldn't be ashamed, you should be proud that you apart of an amazing community. Here is a compiled list of 8 reasons why being gay is so awesome.

1. We have our own parade.

Who wouldn't want an entire parade where you can finally break out of your shell and have the time of your life without worrying who is watching? The Gay Pride Parades seem to make everyone in the community feel safe, welcomed, and happy. The Pride Parades even make straight people feel joyous.

2. We have our own language.

Us gays have our own language that we use to communicate with each other. Our many sayings have been stolen continuously by pop culture such as shade, tea, drag him/her, hunty, Yass (Queen), slay, and most recently wig.

3. We are better at makeup than most girls.

We actually know how to blend our makeup and know what foundation matches our skin tone, unlike some females, *cough* *cough.* Most famous makeup artists are in fact gay men such as Manny MUA, Jeffree Star, and Brentman Rock.


Every single gay person knows what vogueing is and we know exactly how to do it. So don't be surprised if we break out in dance when we hear any music, because we will, and we will slay.

5. Gay TV shows.

Being gay we have very few gay shows or even gay characters, but when we do; they're amazing. Gay characters seem to always have the best storylines that immediately make everyone fall in love with them.

6. We are the party.

We are the life of the party. We make every event ten times more bearable with our presence. Can you even truly call it a party if there are no gays there? NO!

7. Fashion icons.

The rumors are true. All gays are fashion experts. We all know the ins and outs of fashion, like horizontal stripes make you look thinner, and under no circumstances to mix brown with black, disgusting.

8. We are one big family.

We are a part of a worldwide community of people who have all experienced the same thing. We ensure everyone in our community is loved no matter what because we know at one point the love wasn't shown towards us. The LGBTQ+ community is more than just a community, we are a family who loves and supports each other.