11 Reasons I'm Proud Of My Mother

Part of a mom's job is to support her children, and my mom does this SO well. Seriously, she did not miss a single athletic event or awards ceremony. She always sends me encouragement during hard times or when I'm stressed about school. She seriously does SO much for me that I don't even think I'd be able to explain it all no matter how hard I try.

So with Mother's Day being right around the corner, I felt it appropriate to turn the tables and honor her for all she is and all she does. I love you momma.

1. She is a Proverbs 31 woman

She is such an amazing woman of God. I am so blessed to have a mother with a heart constantly chasing after God and His Will.

2. She never gives up

No matter what is thrown her way or what she is faced with, she remains persistent, always trusting in God's plan.

3. She is a pro at multi-tasking 

Seriously, I'm not sure how one woman can do so much. AND do it all so well.

4. She is selfless

She has such a big heart for others that she always puts aside her problems to be there for loved ones.

5. She gives without expecting anything in return 

Again... selfless.

6. She is so driven and determined

No matter what she puts her mind to, she is not stopping until the task is completed.

7. She is a prayer warrior

You know how sometimes when you have something going on in your life and a friend says "I'll be praying for you" but you don't really feel like they are? Well, I can guarantee that's NOT my mother. She cares so much for others and will cover you in prayer. In fact, she probably already is and you just don't know it.

8. She fully relies on God in the hardest of times

This is so much easier said than done, but she surrenders her life to God in life's hardest times.

9. She is so intelligent 

I didn't say smart here because smart just makes me think "book smart" but my mom is so much more than that. She is extremely intelligent.

10. She always looks for the best in people

She gives people the benefit of the doubt, but also knows when enough is enough.

11. She loves wholeheartedly 

This really sums everything else up in one point... when she cares about someone, she doesn't just give half of herself to the friendship. She is all in. She 110% cares for you. She covers you in prayer.

Mom, I know this list only has 11 points, but please know that I am SO PROUD to be your daughter. You are the most amazing role model, best friend, and mother.

Happy Mother's Day. I love you!

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