On November 11, 2016, there was an anti-Donald Trump protest at the San Jacinto Plaza in El Paso, Texas, my hometown. While I was born in our sister city of Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, my home for half of my life has been EP. At this protest, I got up on stage and decided to get out all my feelings and concerns.

It took a lot of courage for me to announce myself as an undocumented immigrant (I'm probably blacklisted by the government already.) It took even greater courage to stand as a journalist, even though I didn't mention my profession to the thousands of people that surrounded me and looked up at me. However, I knew deep inside that, this could have tremendous repercussions in my career path. As journalists, we're told that we should keep our opinions to ourselves because our employers don't want us to be biased when writing stories; and I totally understand that. I'm not saying I'm a Democrat, I'm not saying I'm a Republican, so I don't consider myself biased in that way. I can still write a damn good article on other political officials/issues from either side without planting a personal opinion. I have to also look at how the start of Trump's political career has already affected the media in a negative manner. We’re being excluded from knowing any details on his plans for his first year in the White House, we’re being constantly tormented by his supporters because we apparently “only tell lies” since “Hillary Clinton has paid us off”. Basically, we’re not being allowed to do our jobs. When the media gains knowledge, so does the public.

Many people on Facebook, most of whom I’ve unfriended, are saying that “protests only work if human right have been violated. Protesting for not getting your way is just crying.” To that statement, I say: Human rights HAVE been violated. Human rights WILL CONTINUE to be violated under Trump’s presidency. For instance: when Trump boasted about and actually sexually assaulted women, when he wasn't fair to and neglected to pay employees, when he condoned violence at rallies, when he condemned LGBTQ/Muslim/African-American/Mexican/individuals who don't blindly agree with him, when he made fun of the disabled. He's not a godly man, and he's not worthy of any office. If you voted for him just for the sake of voting "Republican" then you’re in for a harsh reality check because Trump doesn't represent any party, he represents himself and he only wants to be president for attention and for personal benefit. He could really care less about the USA, since he’s proven time and time again to go against the country's self-interest, and the morals and values that we try to teach our society. To think that was only during his campaign. I can’t imagine what the next four years will look like.

We need to make America great again. The expression never fit the state of our country until the moment he was elected. Protests only work if people are united and have a compelling argument behind their cause. I'm glad I see a lot of that with this anti-Trump movement. Protesting for not getting what we want, because we know we DESERVE BETTER is totally different than the "temper tantrum" uneducated outsiders are trying to make seem that we're throwing. Before Donald Trump came into America’s life as a presidential candidate, we were on a progressive path and doing as well as we could be with all the factors in play. Now, we need to unite because we're STRONGER TOGETHER, we can't allow ourselves to be divided.