Pros And Cons To The Holidays

~hey guys~

Just popping in to say a quick HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Be proud of what you celebrate and to never forget to stay humble and love hard! The holidays yes, are about providing gifts and extras to those you love, but do not forget about those in need!

Do something different this year...make someones Holiday season merry and bright!

Now for some light Holiday reading!


1. You're home from school!! Nothing beats home cooked meals and dogs.

2. You have little to no responsibilities during the holiday season. Which typically means hitting the bars with your home friends

3. You get to wear cozy sweaters, and pull out those tights you only wear once a year, for dinner parties!

4. Presents…because sometimes you strike gold

5. GIFT GIVING!! because who doesn't love, giving a juicy ripe present to somebody you love?


1. You miss your friends back at school, or wherever you live besides your parents house, and you wanna be cracking open a wine bottle, than talking to Aunt Susanne about the weather again....

2. Sometimes the holidays can wear you out…not being able to find the perfect gift for someone, gets weirdly competitive and annoying

3. You are about to consume so many cookies and sweets. make sure to bring home a pair of sweats…or a few.

4. Having to answer the same 6 questions your great uncles been asking about you, for the past 3.5 years?

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