Nowadays, Social media sites are booming and one of the effective way to promote your business, services and products all around the world. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest are one of the most popular social network websites which shares photos plus also have an option of uploading videos, memes etc

In today’s world every picture gets notified that we post to social networking websites if we have huge fan following. One of the most popular image sharing site is Instagram. Millions of users using instagram each day and posting pictures, which has some unique features like tools and filters within it that make an average ordinary picture into something great.

Peoples are easily drawn to great & appealing pictures. Posting pictures helps to get your message to world in an easy and effective manner. Another advantage of instagram is that it helps to allow participation of users. By using hash tags you can drive huge traffic from your fan following community.

Making an account on Instagram is an easy task. But you need to put some extra efforts to gain followers on instagram fast for a successful SEO campaign.

Find some of the techniques used by others to promote business well on Instagram:-

Use of Hashtags:-

Always use (#) hashtags in your caption to engage other users and also helps to locate picture for a particular keyword. Example: if you own a company, and related to that you post on instagram with hashtags in caption, if anybody searches for that keyword automatically he/she might find your post and decided to take interest if it’s creative and useful which leads to conversion.

Huge Fan Following

If you or your business has huge fan following, surely Instagram helps to get leads for your business. For that you have to be interactive and following people related to your services or interest.


Make sure your business has a location page embed on instagram. This will help to find other posts from your location that are posted by you.

Customer Engagement

You have to be an active member of community. Try to post 2-3 posts daily, as this often leads to customer engagement. Always react to what customers replied to your posts or reacted. This helps to gain maximum exposure.


For the past five years, Instagram has seen a tremendous growth. You must have an Instagram account if you want to make your Social campaign a success.