Promise Me You'll Do One Thing Before November
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Promise Me You'll Do One Thing Before November

It will take 10 minutes.

Promise Me You'll Do One Thing Before November

I swore I'd never write about politics.

In fact, I have a whole list of things I decided to never write about. Politics, country music, and my hatred of the New England Patriots are all on that list. I'll probably break that self-imposed rule for every one of those, and today, I'm breaking a rule to write about Politics. Why?

Because I'm tired. I'm tired of seeing countless Facebook statuses with uneducated rants and ridiculously slanted media coverage. I'm tired of seeing all this junk about the election on TV, online, on billboards—and I'm betting some of you are too. I'm writing this to ask you to do something quick and easy—but incredibly important. Promise me you will do this one thing before you vote in November:

Take this quiz.

Yup, that's it. Just take the quiz at Do it the first chance you get. It's 31 questions (you can answer more if you want) that are super simple and allow you to see which candidate you actually, truly align with. It covers all the basics of each candidate's proposed policies and platforms, and will give you a straightforward answer (as a percentage) as to who you should vote for based on your own stances.

Now I understand, some of you have already made up your mind. And if that's true, then why not take the quiz anyway to confirm your vote? Maybe you'll learn about some policy your favorite candidate has that you agree with and it sways you even more to their side. That's totally fine. But don't ignore the opportunity to be more educated about voting in America.

If you're too lazy to take 10 minutes to understand the consequences of your vote, then you don't deserve a vote.

I don't care where you grew up, what sort of organizations you're a part of, or what news channel you watch every morning. I don't care about the color of your skin, your gender or your level of formal education. You have no excuse to be uninformed about this election. Some of you will find this offensive (for some ridiculous reason), and if that's the case then you have my sincerest apology. But I will not sit idly by while ignorant American voters cast their ballots for the candidate who says the most outlandish things or gets away with illegal activities, simply because they get the most media attention or "you're sick of Obama." If that's your reason for voting - to pick the lesser of two evils - then I don't think I want you to have a say in the future of this country.

Fun fact time: Did you know there are more than two political parties with candidates this year? There are. There are actually four major candidates from four separate parties for this election. Two of them are women. Here's a handy guide for you! I don't say this to be patronizing, either. I want to be helpful.

If you need it, here's some background: I grew up (and still live) in rural Indiana, in conservative neighborhoods filled with hardworking people. I love where I live. And yet, every time I pass a stupid yard sign, I can't help but think "why are they voting for that person? Do they really agree with them, or do they like what they say on TV?" I don't know the answer to that question, but my hope is that everyone around me - you included - would take the time to really, truly figure out who they support and who will be best to lead our nation.

The best thing about living in America is the freedom to choose who we want in our Government. For as long as I've been old enough to understand how our Government works, I've been sick to my stomach when I know people voted for their party because they hate the person from the other party, or they just walk in and vote for everyone who has an R or a D next to their name. We have the right to vote, but too many of us ignore the responsibility of voting.

So, if the country is in a terrible state a couple of years from now and you're complaining that you "wish you would have known [insert candidate name here] supported [insert policy here]" and that you "wouldn't have voted for them" if you knew that, you'll get no sympathy from me. You have an opportunity to be informed. Take it.

But, Cameron, that's not actually going to happen. Things will get mildly better or mildly worse regardless of who I vote for, right?

We have a real-life example of when a country votes for something based on media coverage and political parties without being informed of the actual issues they're voting on. Great Britain voted to leave the European Union a few weeks back, and the most-searched thing on Google in the U.K. the next day was "What is the EU?" That is unbelievable. Just imagine if Donald Trump were elected, built his infamous "wall," and the next day our top Google search in the US is "Where is Mexico?" or "What is a wall?" I'm exaggerating, sure, but the fallout from "Brexit," as it's come to be called, is all too real. There will be (and has been) major economic and political fallout, which hurts the actual people living in the U.K. and EU. We should be educated before we decide, not after. You don't get a do-over.

Lastly, if you're a Christian—a true Christ follower who wants to see God move across our country—then you need to pray. Pray for our future and current leaders, pray for American citizens and pray for the future of your community. Because if you're praying and ready to help lend a hand in the causes that God wants to see succeed in our country, then we can be united in our voices and our votes. And, maybe this is a topic for another article, but I'd like to remind everyone that evangelicals, as the media calls them, are not necessarily Christians.Don't let media coverage sway you to a majority you aren't actually a part of.

And with those two thoughts, I think I'll be done. There's a lot to cover here, and I'm sure I've said things that are controversial or offensive to some of you. Regardless of what you think of me, for the sake of your own future, just take the quiz.

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