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Did you know that 72% of 8th graders are already creating their profiles for college admissions? Sounds alarming right? But that is the reality with colleges taking a closer look at a child's profile from Grade 8 onwards.

How can you ensure that your child gets his or her dream college convert in such a competitive era?

By adopting a focused profile building approach to incorporate academic and nn-academic elements.

Why is a Diverse Profile important?

Before we even get there, let us first understand how the current scenario is like during university applications:

  • Academics: A Dead-end Zone

Academic woes

Scoring good grades is no longer the panacea to get into brand colleges anymore. With Board exam percentages touching 100% cut off rates for courses like B.Com., there is very little less to one's imagination when it comes to academics.

  • Modern Education: Holistic Profile is KEY!

Range of profile attributes looked at by Universities

The range of profile attributes considered during University applications

Unlike the time when just marks were looked at to secure admissions, universities today look at a range of activities in their applicants' profiles. This includes:

  • Co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements
  • Leadership qualities
  • Volunteer work
  • Demonstrated interest towards a discipline, to name a few.

The above two factors in themselves are enough proof that high school students need to have a stronger and more diverse profile to get into that coveted college be it in India or abroad.

How can your students get a Focused Profile?


Through ProMap.

ProMap is a leading product aimed to guide students of Grades 8 till 12, in building focused profiles through a personalized roadmap approach. Students get a 4 fold benefit through:

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of what Universities value in prospective students
  • Obtaining critical insights on non-academic activities
  • Accessing a personalized roadmap to build a student's profile beyond academics
  • Highlighting student's profile effectively in college applications for global u

800 parents and students have already enrolled for this program within a week of its launch, so what are you waiting for?

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What are your favorite time-wasting apps?


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