From The Girl Wearing The Prom Dress And The Wedding Dress

From The Girl Wearing The Prom Dress And The Wedding Dress

I got him during high school and I'll get him the rest of my life too.

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With all these recent articles about prom and wedding dresses, I think it's time to hear from someone who's worn both.

We heard from the side who wore the wedding dress and not the prom dress.

We also heard from the side who wore the prom dress but not the wedding dress.

And even the side that is sick of hearing about the wedding dress.

But what about the girl who wore the prom dress and the wedding dress?

To state the obvious, the prom dress is a metaphor for his ex and the wedding dress for his current girlfriend.

But what happens when you're both of these girls? Because I am both.

I am the homecoming dresses, the prom dresses, and in the future, the wedding dress. I've been dating him since sophomore year in high school and college wasn't enough to break us up (probably because we are at the same one). But here is my side of these stories, from his high school girlfriend and someday, his wife.

First, to the wedding dress and not the prom dress, your article seems petty. Why should it matter if she got the high school stuff? 2 percent of high school relationships survive to marriage!

I can't lie tho, there are parts of your article I understand, I would hate missing out on high school things as well. Going to high school dances are fun! However, so are wedding receptions. In fact, wedding receptions are better for the fact that they only happen because of your love for each other!

She got him for what, a year? Four at the most, but that relationship obviously didn't work out for a reason. However, maybe this was an article you needed to write in order to "move on."

This I understand as I have done that with my past articles as well. I just hope you can find peace in your new life and let his ex go. He's with you for a reason! However, one thing your article did make me realize is how blessed I am to have been with him through high school, I got to go to his meets, his dances, his banquets, seeing him getting awards, everything. So thank you for that.

Second, to the prom dress and not the wedding dress, I know you said, "I'm totally not jealous" but honestly, the use of the word totally makes it seem like you are. You lost your virginity to each other, and you admitted you loved him. I know, for me, I feel it would hurt to see him move on to someone else.

Unless you were the one who moved on first, but I don't know that. The next thing I want to say to you is lots of people lose their virginity to someone else they don't end up marrying. To me, it seems like he still has a piece of your heart; however, losing my virginity to my ex, I understand this.

Third, to the girl who is fed up with everything, thank you for saying something! I am in agreement with you, but I still want you to hear from the prom and wedding dress.

I get it, I might be considered blessed because I've been his since the beginning of sophomore year, I get to go to college with him, and someday, I'll get to wear the wedding dress. Knowing and having been on both sides of the spectrum, I understand the reasoning for both sides.

I get wanting to be there for him in high school, I do everything I can to go to all of his events out of love. I also get having something special that you are taking away from his future bride. I am both the prom and wedding dress, and I am so happy that I am. It just gives me a chance to love him more and know him better.

But in the end, I think we all need to remember that we met our future spouse when God had intended us to. Some people are the prom dress, some are the wedding dress, and some are both.

But does it really matter which one you are? Whoever you are you got to share a moment of his life, isn't that special itself? You are with who you are meant to be with at this time.


The prom dress and the wedding dress

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