Sunburnt? Have No Fear, These Products Will Help You Escape A Summer Surnburn
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Sunburnt? Have No Fear, These Products Will Help You Escape A Summer Surnburn

Summer means sun. Sun means sunburn.

Sunburnt? Have No Fear, These Products Will Help You Escape A Summer Surnburn

Summertime means sun, which makes everyone want to be outside all the time to soak it all in while they can. However, sun every day also means lots of sunburn. I get sunburned so easily in the hot summer months, so I wanted to share 5 products that help me to get as least sunburned as possible. Side note: If you are someone who never burns and only tans, I'm jealous that you can easily be in the sun without worrying what kind of burn lines your outfit will give you.

An obvious one but important... a good sunscreen

Sun Tan GIF by Michelle Porucznik - Find & Share on GIPHYGiphy

It's an obvious one, but it's important to have a sunscreen you like and works for you. I have used plenty of different sunscreens and I had accustomed a liking to a few that I now always grab for on the shelves. I can't even think about spending a day in the sun without bringing some sunscreen, so its a good staple to have in your car so you're ready whenever. My favorite sunscreen would either be the Sun Bum sunscreen or the Hawaiian Tropics Weitghless Sunscreen.

A powder sunscreen for your face and hair

Derma E Sun Protection Mineral Face Powder SPF 30 | Ulta Beauty

I hate how sunscreen can make your face feel and look so greasy and oily. If I'm at the pool I might not care about that, but if I'm spending the day in the sun where I'm not going to be able to hop into a pool to wash it away, I love using a powder sunscreen. It almost acts as setting powder and its added and SPF to my skin, its the best of both worlds. I also love to use it on my hair part line so I can spare my scalp from sunburn without having to use a lotion sunscreen.

Some sort of hat

I always seem to burn my scalp because I always forget to put sunscreen on my hair part. Having some sort of hat will help to keep not only your hair part covered, but it will keep you from need to put greasy sunscreen in your hair and it will protect you face from the suns ray. Use this as an excuse to buy a fun floppy hat or rep your favorite sports team on a baseball hat.

After sun lotion

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless After Sun Lotion - 6oz

It's important to bring some moisture back to your skin after it drys out in the hot summer sun, and after sun lotion is perfect. Using an after sun lotion will not only help you keep some color, as if your burn will need to be preserved, and bring the much needed moisture back into your skin. My favorite after sun lotion is the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration lotion, and it smells really good to which is an added bonus.

A good coverup/ towel that can be used to shield yourself if the sunburn is really bad

Cabana Stripe Beach Towel Gray/White - Sun Squad™

Whether you're at the pool or beach its nice to have something that you can cover your shoulders or legs with if you are starting to feel that sunburn coming on. Having a coverup/ towel to lay under has helped me stay less burned many times, so I won't spend a day in the sun without having something for help as a backup.

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