I procrastinate. A lot. But this is the best way for me to work. Leave it to the last minute, so I absolutely have to do it. I do most of my French homework during my study hall, which is just one class period before I have French.

I have always done well under pressure. I can't even tell you how it feels to have won first place hockey championships when the game goes into a shootout. Just me, my net, and the shooter in front of me. As a goalie, those were my favorite things to do. High intensity, do or die moments. That's one of the many things I loved about playing.

I can attribute many skills of mine to procrastinating. I write exceptionally fast, and read even faster. I'm good at making things up at the spot, from years of writing essays the night before they're due.

Procrastination plus a busy schedule can either be a really good combination, or the most detrimental combination ever. For me, it goes back and forth between being good and bad. Sometimes, after a long day at a Mock Trial competition, I'm so tired I just fall asleep, my untouched homework still in my backpack. However, somedays, it results in me having even less time, meaning I get it done faster when I absolutely have to.

Procrastination is the way I have always done things. I'm organized, sure, but that doesn't mean I get things done right away. Being organized means I write down all my assignments in my cute little planner, and I have every single day of my school year planned out through the end of the lacrosse season. But I usually don't start my homework until the last possible hour of the night.

Because of procrastination, I work harder, faster, and I'm more efficient in other elements of my life.

So I guess, in short, procrastination is the best way to get things done.