When you have an assignment due at the end of the semester, and you can't start it until you know exactly what you want to do for this assignment. Put it off until last minute where you absolutely have to get it done like saving your GPA depends on it. In fact, when I started this article I was procrastinating on an assignment.

I love the college stereotype about putting assignments off until the last minute. I also support that stereotype. People call it lazy but I would describe it as deadline oriented. I enjoy working under pressure and give my best work when I do. I would not say this works for everyone but it does work for a lot of people.

College is not easy and it is not the place to not hand in your work or turn it in late because you're paying a lot of money to be here. However, maybe you're like me and you aren't the person who has to get everything done right away. Maybe you like the idea of having a whole week before something is due. It doesn't mean people who procrastinate are unmotivated and it doesn't mean that you don't give it your best effort when it comes down to the wire and your assignment is due the same day you started it.

I think it shows someone who works well under pressure. In the real world, as adults like to call it, deadlines can be shorter than the month given for an assignment that makes no sense. Deadlines can be shorter than a week. People who procrastinate and that do well on these assignments are setting themselves up for dealing with stress with grace. I believe that is an admirable quality as opposed to someone who takes longer amounts of time to get stuff done and snaps at someone when stressed.

So, if you're reading this and you're procrastinating on an assignment, then get to it, you still need to do your best. And to the person who has to get everything done in advance. Well, don't be so judgemental of the person next to you who said they did not start yet. Someone is always able to give their best work when they want to.