"Illegal aliens" is one of those terms that have become more frequently used to describe an undocumented immigrant. It doesn't take extra effort to use the word undocumented, rather than illegal or immigrant rather than alien, but I suppose it means you have to be decent person.

Choosing to use derogatory terms isn't something new for me, but I was recently reminded that human creativity is the gift that doesn't know how to stop giving. Have you ever heard of 'anchor babies?'

The term refers to children of undocumented immigrants believed to be born solely to grant their parents U.S. citizenship. This term was frequently used during the 2015-16 presidential race as a part of the Republican anti-immigration platform. In 2016, Univision removed "Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants" because of now-President Donald Trump's racist comment.

What Donald Trump most likely doesn't understand is that 'anchor babies' is a myth, and those children he is referring to, are indeed U.S. citizens according to the 14th amendment of the United States Constitution.

While 'anchor babies' sounds like another word to add onto our childhood rhyme of words that can never hurt us, to do so would be an injustice to the children who have been brought to the U.S. for hopes of a better life.

In America Divided, a series uncovering the racism and injustice in the U.S., in one of the last episodes America Ferrera uncovers the hardships experienced by immigrants crossing the border and the children who follow.

The current U.S. administration refuses to recognize children of undocumented immigrants as American citizens. This unconstitutional act forces children to grow up without a birth certificate which is a form of identification required by most institutions, leaving most without a way to identify who they are.

This act goes way past anti-immigration because even if the children of undocumented immigrants were to go back to their parents homeland, they wouldn't be able to get a birth certificate there either. The U.S. government is basically making them globally unidentifiable, unable to claim any place as home.

This label was made as a direct act of racism with the intent to do as much physical and mental harm to the people recognized by it. The current administration and its followers have efficiently stripped these people of their humanity and made them feel as small and illegitimate as possible.

Too often, American minority groups have been oppressed and injustices been normalized or forgotten. It's not surprising that undocumented immigrants are being treated as less than humans, but just because I'm not surprised, doesn't make it right.

By Trump intentionally promoting this idea of 'anchor babies' and continuing the injustices that come with it, he has become unconstitutional and un-American.

Children born on U.S. soil are American citizens whether their parents are undocumented immigrants or not and they have the right to obtain a birth certificate.