How Can Anyone Say They're Pro-Life If They're Against Gun Reform?

With states updating abortion laws and people taking sides on the matter, it's time to address the hypocrisy that lies underneath. Specifically, late-term abortions are a major topic for discussion. People who have no place in commenting on it, will anyway.

It's the type of conversation people shouldn't enter without knowing everything about it and having personal experience. But that doesn't stop people who haven't given birth or can't even give birth, from speaking their thoughts on a situation that is a predominately gray area.

Conservatives seem to think it's open for discussion. They think everyone but the woman carrying the fetus knows what's best. They think an old, white, lawmaking male knows what's best. They think they can scare a woman into giving birth to a baby, no matter the circumstance the mother or child could be under.

Because the fetus could possibly have a good future, there is so much focus on what could be, what should be, and what would be, instead of what just is. Never mind the thought that the mother could be harmed. Never mind the thought that the fetus could possibly not even make it. Never mind any other extenuating circumstances. Never mind the risk involved on all sides. Never mind the dangers of not having a legal way to terminate a pregnancy.

And it's not to say an unborn baby's life doesn't matter at all. I am in no position to dictate what a pregnant woman does. But I can't help but notice that the same people that will fight for the life of an unborn child, are the same ones that after mass shootings, will make excuses.

In the eyes of Republicans, there are no excuses viable when it comes to abortion. The baby must live, the mother's future be damned. Mistakes don't happen. Medical issues don't exist. There are no risks. Just perfect childbirth.

But those Republicans are no strangers to excuses when it comes to gun reform and the lives of children killed in schools. It's the shooter's fault. They'll blame it on mental illness. It's a matter of school safety. They'll drill students more on what to do in case a shooter enters the school. They'll never take measures to regulate access to guns because it's too difficult. They'll ask, "what can we do to get around this?" instead of "how can we fix this?"

The second amendment protects gun owners, but what protects the children? Anti-abortion laws? Don't think so. Is there a be-all-end-all when it comes to life in its purest form?

Conservatives always say, "it's not the same thing." And for once, they're right. It is absolutely not the same thing. The life of an unborn child is not the same as the life of a child with a future planned out for themselves. The children shot and killed in schools have hopes and dreams. They speak and have interests.

It isn't that the lives of children who have already entered the world matter more than the lives of children who haven't, they just matter differently. It isn't fair to fight for one and do something about it, but not the other. It isn't fair that we're allowed to make excuses for one but not the other.

It's hypocritical for the government to step in when they choose to. They come up with alternatives and excuses for things that need a clear solution, like gun reform. But then they come up with solutions to things that aren't problems, like abortion.

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