The past few weeks from a political standpoint have been characterized by the ongoing debate between pro-life advocates and pro-choice supporters. In this debate is the accusation from pro-choicers that those on the pro-life side of the argument are against women based solely on their beliefs surrounding abortion.

As a pro-life woman myself, I can honestly say that this is a ridiculous assumption. Sure, from a pro-choice standpoint, I can see how my opinions may come off as being anti-woman. But, if you look at it from mine, you would be able to see just how untrue that claim really is.

To you, it may seem that I, along with every other pro-lifer, am trying to take away the right of a woman to choose what to do with her body. But I don't see it this way at all. To me, I am advocating for the life of the child, which I believe is a separate human person at all stages of life.

I am not advocating for taking away a woman's constitutional rights. I am just trying to make sure that a woman does not have the power to take away the life of her child. I don't see the argument as just pertaining to the rights of the mother, but also those of her child.

I support equal rights and I commend those fighting for them on behalf of all women. I think women should have the same rights as men, but I don't think that being entitled to an abortion is one of those rights. Being pro-life does not mean that I am against women; it makes me supportive of the life of all babies, inside the womb or not, and I will not apologize for believing in that.