I'm Pro-Choice But I'm Not Pro-Abortion

I'm Pro-Choice But I'm Not Pro-Abortion

Just because I don't think I'd ever have one doesn't mean I would take that right to choose away from other women.

I'm pro-choice. That doesn't mean that I'm pro-abortion or would have one myself but a lot of people seem to think the two obviously go hand in hand. With the presidential election in full swing pro life vs pro choice is often a topic brought up and debated on time and time again and rightfully so. One candidate is very clearly pro-life, the other pro-choice. I often hear that being pro-choice means you're a murderer and support abortion but that's not necessarily the case.

Like I stated, I'm pro-choice but I'm personally I am not pro-abortion. I don't think I could ever actually have an abortion myself unless I felt I genuinely had to. By genuinely had to I mean only if carrying full term put mine or the babies lives in danger or if it was confirmed the baby wouldn't live outside the womb. I'm calling it a baby and not a fetus because I believe that's how I would think of it as. I don't think I could actually have an abortion for any other reason personally but that's just me. Other women may disagree with me and that's OK. And I can say this for now but I've never even had a pregnancy scare let alone an unwanted pregnancy so I won't ever know unless I'm in that position. But just because I don't think I'd never have an abortion myself doesn't mean I would ever want to take away the right for other women to have access to them.

Every woman has their own reason for why they choose to safely terminate their pregnancy and they don't owe it to anyone to have to explain themselves. Whatever their reasoning is doesn't mean it should take away their right to the care that they choose. In my eyes it's their body and their life so I don't see how I have any say in what they do nor do I think it's okay to take their rights away.

Of course, there will always be the argument "Well they should just put the baby up for adoption if they don't want it, I know so many people who would love their baby!" OK, then why are 100,000 children in the US foster care system alone available to be adopted? According to AdoptUsKids.org that's just 1/4th of the total children actually in foster care in our country. Where are all these people who would love to adopt the children then?

Then there are the people who say, "Well if they didn't want the baby they should've been more careful or just not have been having sex!" One, once again you don't know a woman's reason for choosing to terminate her pregnancy so you don't know she "just didn't want the baby". A woman I used to work with suffered from severe schizophrenia and bipolar disorder; this made her scared to have children. She was on birth control and her boyfriend used a condom, somehow she still got pregnant. It's rare but it does happen. So she chose to terminate the pregnancy very early on because it was her body and her eyes she saw a fetus, not a baby. Two, sex is a basic human function. Intimacy is not a bad thing and unwanted pregnancy shouldn't be a punishment for choosing to be intimate. If you don't want to risk a pregnancy and choose not to be intimate with another person that's totally awesome, it's your body so it's your choice. Now I'm not saying people stop practicing safe sex, it's still a serious thing and I believe until you're actively trying to conceive that you should practice safe sex if you choose to have it. But I do understand unwanted pregnancies happen for one reason or another and once again if another woman choices to terminate the pregnancy I believe it's her choice.

One of the biggest reasons I am pro-choice is because it makes the whole process much safer. Outlawing abortion won't stop women from terminating their pregnancies if that's what they really want or feel like they have to do. Abortions were completely illegal in the past. When they were illegal horror stories of coat hanger procedures were told. These basically at home abortions lead to infections, infertility, extreme bloodless and even death. Women also fled to Mexico to find back alley "doctors" who would terminate their pregnancy for them. These doctors, if you can even call many of them that, often don't have the proper tools, medicine or training to do these procedures safely putting the woman at a higher risk. 100% outlawing abortions raises the risks and death rate, endangering the mother and the fetus or baby however you view it. Outlawing abortion won't stop a person from getting one, it will just make it more dangerous.

I am pro-choice. I don't agree with abortion necessarily and I would never have one myself but I do support women's rights to make that decision themselves. I support their right to access to proper and safe heath care no matter what their choice ends up being. I'm pro-choice, but that doesn't mean I'm pro-abortion.

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5 Tips on Self Care

We all forget the little things sometimes

Love yourself. Easy… right? WRONG. We are our own biggest critics. It is easy to quickly list off the 30 reasons that we are imperfect people, but the truth is, we are perfectly imperfect.

  1. Start by comparing yourself, to only yourself. Compare yourself to your past self, and see the progression or regression that you are making with your personal goals and dreams. Comparing yourself to other people is unrealistic. Let's be real, you truly have no idea where they are in life or how they got to where they are. Comparing yourself to the old you, can remind you how far you have come and the direction that you should be headed. Love how you are literally, you are unable to compare yourself to anyone because you are so unique. Love your curves, muscles, hair, knots, bumps, and bruises. Your imperfections look perfectly imperfect on your unique skin.
  2. Make lists. Ahhhhh, the gratification of crossing things off a long, long list… am I right? Make lists for everything and I personally promise that you will feel accomplished. Make a grocery list; make a daily ‘to do’ list; make a weekly goal list; etc. Right now you may be saying, “I don’t need a list, I have a mental list.” The fact is you are not superhuman and everyone forgets things on their mental list. On top of that, you can’t hold a mental list in your hand and scratch off a task with a ballpoint pen that glides so effortlessly across the paper, crossing off responsibilities and warming your soul with the idea of being closer to your goals.
  3. Take care of yourself. Eat healthy. I guarantee you that fast food is not going to make you feel good. I also guarantee you that not eating enough food is not going to make you feel good. You get your energy, clear skin, glowing complexion, and beautiful body from eating healthy and taking care of yourself. Make it a priority to eat at least 3 meals a day, and make it a priority to know what is in those meals. Bathe regularly. Coming out of a hot shower and putting clean clothes on can be the perfect way to start, or end to your day. Wash your face and brush your teeth and remember that looking good, feels good. Wear clothes that make you feel good. Wear clothes that express you without you having to even speak. Wear clothes that hang like lace, or clothes that tightly hug your curves. Wear clothes that make YOU feel good.
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  5. Put yourself first. It is easy to invest your energy in friends, family, relationships, etc. It is hard to invest your energy in yourself. There are 7.4 billion people in the world, so it seems near impossible to concentrate your energy on yourself when there are so many people that could use the help. Near impossible, but possible. Invest your energy into people that invest their energy into you. Equally water each other’s flowers. Equally tend each other’s garden. Avoid putting your all into people, relationships, situations, that are possible “energy suckers”, as I would call it. Be a little selfish, while remaining empathetic and open minded.

Remember that you are all you have at the end of the day. And you have to put yourself first, love yourself first, take care of yourself... first.

Cover Image Credit: Jenna Uryevick

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