Prize Blast Review
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Prize Blast Review

Blast Review

The best prize blast review

We’ve sat down to play and review the game Prize Blast by Full Game Ahead this week. Prize Blast is available on IOS and Android and is free to play.

Play-to-win, not play-to-earn

So, if you’ve been around a while, you will undoubtedly have encountered plenty of Play-to-earn games. These games make big claims about earning real-life money from in-game activities. Sadly, most of these are just battery-destroying grinds that fail to make good on the promises offered.

Prize blast isn’t one of those. Rather than offering you any promise of a payout, Prize Blast gives you the chance to win real prizes. The important words to note are “win” and “chance.” We’ll explain how the game progresses in a moment, but understand that there are no guarantees of anyone player winning anything

How the game plays

Any game that hopes to keep you playing should be well made and pleasing to play. We’ve experienced games crammed with adverts between every level and on every in-game option. Frankly, it’s enough to make us bin a game right there and then. Thankfully, in the week we’ve been playing Prize Blast, not one advert has dared to cross our path. What a relief!

You play a pirate, hunting for treasure. The game itself is pleasant viewing, with nice graphics and smooth functions. At its heart, it is a blaster game, where you strategically group up boxes of a single color and pop them for a reward or new colored blocks.

The levels slowly grow ever more complex, with new characters and elements constantly added to keep it strategically interesting. Various characters will attempt to hinder your game, such as the medicine man, who keeps zapping away your power-ups. On some levels, you have to rescue turtles; on others, you’re attempting to pop blocks of color through a layer of fog while crabs seek to stop you. It’s all good fun.

Periodically you will see a single pink pig on screen. Popping that takes you to the cash game. Here you will need to figure out the strategies to pop three larger pigs with a timer of just 30 seconds on you. It’s doable, but it gets increasingly complex as the levels progress. You add $4 to your prize pool for each pig you pop.

You’ll be rewarded with green bottles between levels that allow you to build your ship. When fully upgraded, your next mission will begin, island hopping and meeting new characters that will lead you to the prize cavern.

No cash out, just an opportunity to win prizes

The money in the piggy bank can only be used to unlock your prizes. You cannot cash out and directly transfer these funds to your bank account. Instead, you take your chance and see what you win. When you beat enough levels to enter the prize cavern, your prize pool money establishes the maximum value of the prizes you stand a chance of winning. The prizes are delivered at the address you entered in your profile.

On Android alone, there have been over 100,000 installations of the app. When printing this review, the app shows that they have paid out just over 5100 prizes. This figure suggests that around 5.1% of players have won prizes, and that’s if we ignore all the IOS players. In reality, probably somewhat less than 5% have been awarded prizes. And anything around 5% is actually huge because freemium mobile games usually retain only 6% of registered users after 6 weeks.

The prizes themselves are not to be sniffed at, ranging from earbuds, at the low end, to PS5s and large screen TVs.

You build your pot through skill, but whether you win a prize or not comes down to luck. There are users in the reviews that state they have received prizes, and given that, we’d expect very few winners among the 11,000 reviews online. Despite this, the game is rated 4.4 on Android and 4.6 on IOS. This certainly suggests to us that this game is no scam.

Costs and in-game currency

So, as we mentioned at the top of this article, the game is free. After a week of playing, we’ve not felt any need to put any money into the game mainly because we’re master strategists, and we’ve not lost a level yet – but if you do lose a level, your streak is reduced back to the minimum, and that slows your gameplay. This is when you might be tempted to use some of the in-game currency, which are blue gems, to give yourself a few extra moves and save the day.

Whether you do or not is up to you – obviously, this is how the game makers are funded and can afford to send out the prizes. But even if you don’t, it’s a fun game to play in your spare time.

Register personal details

Before we wrap up this review, one thing of note is that to play and stand a chance of winning prizes, you are required to register and give your real details. This makes complete sense because if you win, the game makers need to be able to ship your item to you and also check your eligibility to play (some countries have age restrictions on lottery-type games).

You can opt to share your progress at any time through integrated links to Facebook or play as a ‘guest,’ even though you’ve registered your details.

All in all, it’s a nice game to play with a small chance to win prizes; it’s worth adding to your list of go-to idle time apps.

As you beat levels to enter the prize cave, your prize pool money will increase. It will be used to choose the gifts you want to win. You cannot withdraw and withdraw these funds; it would be obvious to you and will make this game illegal. Instead, you take your chances and choose what you want to win. Often, it's nothing, but if your luck is on your side, it can be everything!

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