When you're the child of very strict parents, you've most likely been subjected to multiple types of instruction and discipline. Whether you were told to take out the trash, go pick up the groceries (or your sister from school), or to do well in class, your parent will always be on your case in just about every facet of your natural born life.

Yes, even into marriage and beyond they'll still tell you to wash your hands and tie your shoes (there's no escape). So if you've ever been in a scenario that requires some instruction, it might go along the lines of this...

"Make sure I don’t see that C on your report card when you come home mister; Where’s your sister, it’s 4 o’clock and she isn’t home; Stop farming the fool."

"Make sure you put the garbage and recycling in the shed; Why don’t we have any trash cans to begin with; Are you doing your homework."

"GET…. OFF…. THE PHONE; Stop farming the fool; I’ll pick you up from soccer."

"I’ll pick you up from theatre rehearsal; I’ll pick you up from marching band; I’ll pick you up from robotics."

"Make sure you eat something because you know damn well you won’t be home until nine o’clock; Idiot…..; Didn’t I tell you to take the garbage into the shed the first time, don’t let me have to tell you again; Don’t forget to email him/her about that internship offer."

"Dominic, make sure you call to see what Ph.D. programs they offer; Dougie, get those things out your ears, you’ll go deaf; Mom, I have drummers as friends, it could be worse."

"Why aren’t you asleep; what’s sleep; Did you eat today; yes; Did you REALLY eat today; well now that you mentioned it….; You should be focusing on that essay instead of playing video games; Hold on, let me get this goal real quick with Neymar."

"I don’t understand how any of this your typing is true; mom trust me, I know what I’m doing with this; Make sure you spend your money wisely; Don’t forget to eat breakfast.. ever."

"Make sure you have everything with you before you take the bus 'cause you won’t turn back after you get on; Don’t forget to shower; Did you wash your face."

"Did you wash your legs: In between your armpits; Let me smell you; You lied, get back in there; Mom this is the third time, seriously; Don’t even step foot out of that house without putting on deodorant."

"Does the printer have ink, if it doesn’t let me know; You kids and Facebook really baffle me; Why didn’t you answer my text; My phone slowly accepted its death."

"Give the same respect to the mailman as you do the President of the United States; Make sure that when you go for that career, you end up loving it; What if I can’t survive with it; Choose to work happy or choose to work miserable, that is your choice."

Yeah, you see what I'm talking about? I can assure you, however, that these simple tasks have made me into the disciplined and kind man (stressful times indeed *sigh*). Hopefully, you've been positively affected by the "strict parent life" as well as I have.