There’s something about reading the news on a Sunday morning sitting across from my dad at the kitchen table that has changed over the years. It’s not that he has changed the amount of ice cream he puts in his coffee or how he cuts out comics and puts them on our fridge, but instead that I read the news off of a tablet where as he reads the hard copy newspaper. At first I thought it was just my generation that gets the majority of their news from the internet, but over the years there has been a strong decline in print newspapers and a rapid increase in the success of online newspapers. There are a multitude of reasons why people have strayed from print newspapers to online resources and vice versa so I want to go over some pros and cons of both.

The first pro for online newspapers seems to be one of the strongest. Its immediately accessible! Instead of waiting for the paper boy to come around in the morning and drop the paper off at your door step you can easily go on your computer, phone, or tablet to see what the latest news is. This also includes things that have happened that day. Online news is currently circulating and changing allowing you to get the max amount of information in the smallest amount of time possible.

A strong con that goes along with online newspapers is that it’s lacking the physical aspect! Not everyone was born into the technology generation with the ability to work an iphone before being able to walk. Nowadays, My dad gets mad at siri more than he gets mad at me. (That’s a good thing right?) With hard copy newspapers slowly dying it seems like older generations will be force to assimilate to online news. Whenever I ask my dad why he likes reading the print newspaper he says that there’s something about flipping through the physical pages that makes it seem more real.

One con that every penny saver loves about online newspapers is that it’s free. The majority of online news, unless its magazine subscriptions, is free unlike having to pay for the newspaper to be delivered to your house. I’m not sure that it’s a do or die money saving technique, but for those individuals who want to save where its easy switching to online is definitely something to look into.

And finally a pro for print newspapers is that research findings suggest that print readers retain significantly more information than people who read articles online. Maybe it’s that staring at a bright screen strains your eyes more than a print newspaper, or that there’s no ads pooping up in the middle of reading a sentence to interrupt your stream of thought.

I continue to read both hard copies and online material on a weekly basis, but I can attest to the fact that it is harder to obtain a physical newspaper as a college student than it is to check the news on your phone. Whether its after class, sometimes during class, or periodically throughout the day, online news has become more accessible and favorable for many people.